LEGENDARY Sitcom Theme Songs
Songs that get Europeans TURNT!
Popular Songs vs Riverdale Versions
Pop Stars singing in SIMLISH
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Songs That Made Artists Famous
TikTok Pop vs Normal Pop
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Disney Singers vs Nickelodeon Singers
Most ANNOYING Songs of All Time #2
Saane Tupouniua
Saane Tupouniua Tunti sitten
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Tunti sitten
How was “Sucker for pain” not on here?
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 Tunti sitten
I laugh when you say he can sing better tgan that. AHAHAHAH No. That's his singing voice and nope. Just nope. But I think he's improving. I mean the guy from bts V. STAN JUNGKOOK. HE'S SO GOOD AT THREE(I mean I'd be lying if I say everything so) being hot, singing while dancing YES 💪🏼😍🤭
HarshTalk Tunti sitten
My enemy hanz zimmer is nuts
Evan Pehling
Evan Pehling Tunti sitten
Ok but almost all the music videos had females with certain defining features
Storm Creek Studios
Storm Creek Studios Tunti sitten
You know what Britney Spears toxic is a very good villain song when paired with a video with a villain my fav is Gaku Yashiro an anime villain and the song fits perfectly
Corvin Vale
Corvin Vale Tunti sitten
We forgot about Chris Brown for good reason
Monti Ramorino
Monti Ramorino Tunti sitten
Muse Psycho is definitely a villain song. It also sounds a lot like Rob Zombie P Liquor
Kartikeya Shastri
Kartikeya Shastri Tunti sitten
i like potatoes
killme dxd
killme dxd Tunti sitten
corpse girl
Boss Man
Boss Man Tunti sitten
5:28 whatd that subtitle say?
Jack McEvila
Jack McEvila Tunti sitten
Where is smooth criminal?😱
ain nurul
ain nurul Tunti sitten
The first one from indonesia is a comedian so yeah she just try to imitate for fun but actually she is pretty good at singing.
Aman K
Aman K Tunti sitten
His hair is perfect Finally I feel complete
copy shy
copy shy Tunti sitten
Kinder eggs aren't banned anymore actually. I buy them a lot from stores and I'm in the us. There's even commercials for them
Igor K
Igor K Tunti sitten
that was a sucky Manowar song to compare to. Should have been Heart of Steel.
Mio Kujõ
Mio Kujõ Tunti sitten
03:58 Was literally used in the movie Suicide Squad. A movie full of villians. *Joel: Not a villain song.*
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk Tunti sitten
It’s M.I.A. Not Mia
Nathaniel Mesngon
Nathaniel Mesngon Tunti sitten
Cringe level 500 on Trisha Paytus.
Annabel De Vera
Annabel De Vera Tunti sitten
Frediemercury your a champion but we are the champions of the world Michael Jackson is king 👑👑👑 of pop and frediemercury is Queen of rock n roll history 👑👑👑👑
Supreme LEGO Fish King
Supreme LEGO Fish King Tunti sitten
The old guy in centuries looks like ben kenobi
Ward Tunti sitten
I’ll be watching you was always obvious.
Amanda Sim
Amanda Sim Tunti sitten
Blues Traveller “Hook” didn’t make the list?! The most meta lyrics ever
Carson Mathre
Carson Mathre Tunti sitten
I love how he called Bad to the Bone an "ironic" villain song - it served this purpose perfectly with Megamind
Sarah Tunti sitten
All the songs are new to me.
Ange Lune
Ange Lune Tunti sitten
You r too young but lipsing was the rules in 60’s 70’s tv shows
KvAT Tunti sitten
You can song along to all these songs, but you probably shouldn't
Noah Tunti sitten
The reason for the difference in songs from youtube top played and spotify top played is that youtube has most demographics using, while spotify is more younger generations.
Daniel Clement
Daniel Clement Tunti sitten
4:18 Joker
The wae to the Deval
The wae to the Deval Tunti sitten
Nah, gotta disagree with Joel on Horns by Bryce Fox. The song kinda make me feel like I'll do something illegal. And his title is "Songs that makes you FEEL like a villain", not "Songs about being a villain." It's about the vibes of the song, not the actual lyrics.
Justin Drevlow
Justin Drevlow Tunti sitten
Heave tou ever listen to BER
Clash Kid0788
Clash Kid0788 Tunti sitten
Dat thumbnail doe
Wes Owsley
Wes Owsley Tunti sitten
Push It To The Limit - Paul Engemann Nuff said
Cutting Edge Gaming
Cutting Edge Gaming Tunti sitten
8:24 Joel: "Oh. There's a lot of panning going on here" Also Joel: "That's one of my favorite parts actually" I just find it funny he loves that part but didn't realize all the panning.
Maria Calí
Maria Calí Tunti sitten
U won
Jediladypro33 Tunti sitten
Every song is queen
I am a tired young person
I am a tired young person Tunti sitten
Kill Our Way To Heaven has got heavy power vibes
traversaguilar Tunti sitten
You called my country’s national anthem basic and I wasn’t nearly as offended as I am right now after you called The Big Bang Theory “a terrible show” 🔪🔪🔪 💀💀💀
Sophie Bagley
Sophie Bagley Tunti sitten
Any Mother Mother song
Mikayla Tunti sitten
*video plays* RoomieOfficial: “hmm” *video continues* RoomieOfficial: “OH THEY SING WELL”
Angelyn Magalona
Angelyn Magalona Tunti sitten
Philippines will never be invaded- WHAT?!🙂
Jakobb0ss 25
Jakobb0ss 25 Tunti sitten
I surprised that their was no eminem
Matthew Heben
Matthew Heben Tunti sitten
Intro was so long I forgot it was
Bradley Gibson
Bradley Gibson Tunti sitten
Listen to home free
Sasha Tunti sitten
where's BILLIE!!!!
Madhukar Reddy
Madhukar Reddy Tunti sitten
Wolfmother - Appletree
Madison Ptacek
Madison Ptacek Tunti sitten
I Want to be Evil by Eartha Kitt & Henri René
Jason Martyn
Jason Martyn Tunti sitten
Number 6
Cutting Edge Gaming
Cutting Edge Gaming Tunti sitten
Video idea. What about non English songs with English hooks? I didn't know it was a thing but it seems like a lot of Japanese songs do that. The first time I heard an English hook in a non English song was called "Clock Strikes" by ONE OK ROCK.
Storm Creek Studios
Storm Creek Studios Tunti sitten
This song is amazing and I’m literally addicted to it
Xan Shipstew
Xan Shipstew Tunti sitten
lady gaga has a lot of Spanish in "Americano" too
Liahna Hight
Liahna Hight Tunti sitten
Me as an alto already singing at least an octave lower with all these songs 😏😂
Noah Tunti sitten
This was a good video but the first 5 min were way overedited with sound effects.
hazelcloud Tunti sitten
taylor on her guitar is just amazing. I'm learning some of her songs on guitar and thankfully I can sing them.
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 Tunti sitten
Idek why did I watch this video. When I alrdy watch the video of the featured here. Strange 🤣 But is kinda funny
Max Tunti sitten
Imagine not having “Emperors new clothes” By P!ATD on this list Smh
Sup_Skullz Tunti sitten
4:12 understand has a E
traversaguilar Tunti sitten
Mexican here 👋🏻 and I did get turnt by almost the same ones as you
Mr. Dogman
Mr. Dogman Tunti sitten
Fact : people are aliens
Mr. Dogman
Mr. Dogman Tunti sitten
It's a mystery but they are real
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Tunti sitten
Dude you haven't heard rock my world??
neuron55 Tunti sitten
This is why you're not the Göteborgare with 100 million. The wrong version of looking down on others.
Mylee Dorris
Mylee Dorris Tunti sitten
On Jesus!!!👏👏👏 Favorite pat
BladeyBoi Tunti sitten
Bastard by Tyler the Creator would go very well on this list
Liz Margaret
Liz Margaret Tunti sitten
The Rembrandts had another hit all over radio enough to drive me crazy called "That's Just the Way it is Baby" a few years before the Friends theme.
bubblegumbxtch Tunti sitten
gasoline is such a villain song...
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 Tunti sitten
Aight I FOUND IT OUT. GODZILLA. Will ALWAYS makes me do stuff faster 🤙🏼🙌🏼👌🏼💪🏼
Agent QUACC Tunti sitten
We are number 1
SMOKEBOMB Tunti sitten
Where was cradles tho
Zam View
Zam View Tunti sitten
What about Michael Jackson's BAD? :O
VERENO 99 Tunti sitten
You're very entertaining and funny👍
Dani Avila
Dani Avila Tunti sitten
Xhon Lemuel Sorillo
Xhon Lemuel Sorillo Tunti sitten
I’m a Filipino I respect my Philippines national anthem 🇵🇭 ❤️ Rate your own self tol🤮👎🏿
RageGoneRogue Tunti sitten
I bless the rains down in south america
Maryn Bennett
Maryn Bennett Tunti sitten
I LOVE PITCH PERFECT!! I was kinda disappointed when hey gave the originals more points
Phyco Gacha sisters
Phyco Gacha sisters Tunti sitten
Joel: i don't have my drivers license ima dislike Omg lol
MaKala Laude
MaKala Laude Tunti sitten
Happen to have somebody that I used to know playing while watching
Tiffany Jeremiah
Tiffany Jeremiah Tunti sitten
We need English translation of Latin songs next!!!
Joshua Leigh
Joshua Leigh Tunti sitten
Sympathy for the devil -The Rolling Stones
Max Tunti sitten
2:59 Any of my homies from the Hub recognize that?
ellie Tunti sitten
Has he heard the anthem of Tuva Republic?