Can a Country Expert Make Me Like Country?

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She wrote to me and tried to make me like country!
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Owen C.
Owen C. 2 tuntia sitten
Dan+shay is a bad representation of country music. Listen to old country, its much better
Owen C.
Owen C. 2 tuntia sitten
Country music is my favorite genre. How dare you Joel how dare you
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 15 tuntia sitten
I love some old country, some Hank Williams or Johnny Cash, maybe Patsy Cline. Then there are goddesses like Dolly Parton or Reba McEntire. I also dig Shania Twain's earlier stuff and anything from the Dixie Chicks. And some songs from the 90s I still love for nostalgia are Blue, by Leann Rimes and Strawberry Wine from Deana Carter. Other than that, I mostly listen to some classic rock (especially Queen or Pink Floyd), pop music, black metal, crust punk, and powerviolence/hardcore. I used to be into ska and more mainstream punk in the late 90s and early 2000s, but I find most of that stuff kind of boring now.
PotatoMasterYt Päivä sitten
Man, what about Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers? Oh and Elvis Presley ?
Crystal Tusi
Crystal Tusi Päivä sitten
I feel so awkward commenting on old videos, but the algorithm though 🤷‍♀️ As a child I had a love for ALL music because that's what I was exposed to by my parents. Through my teens I strayed away from country & pop music, and I got really into various "rock" genres I guess you would call them lol. I didn't like country again until about 4ish years ago, at 25 haha. It grew on me. I used to be that person who said if you put country on in the car imma tuck and roll out of there 😅 To be honest, I got into country because I met someone that I fell for hard and fast and he loves country. I knew it would never work if I couldn't stomach his music at all. Imagine long road trips with music that makes you want to die 😬😅 Most mainstream country does have more a pop feel these days though(I think), so I think that's what makes them more palatable for me. Also, I never lost my love for Shania Twain 🤫
Pablo Vostok
Pablo Vostok 3 päivää sitten
this video is irrefutable proof of one of the most timeless rules in music: execs and promoters are the most myopic individuals in the industry and have no taste. what an awfully horrid selection
Oscar Johansson
Oscar Johansson 3 päivää sitten
If we are talking country mixing in rap. Try listening to some yellawolf. Maybee listen to his album ghetto Cowboy. If you ask me, that album is worth an album of the year nomination. His song "you and me" is maybee one of the songs in the latest 10 years. My opinion
alechlfc 8 päivää sitten
Where Did He get that T-shirt from the bandana zip up one
MadeMinotaur230 8 päivää sitten
I mainly listen to cash and marty robbins with some more people mixed in
I have no common sense But
I have no common sense But 8 päivää sitten
Where’s George Strait or Jonny Cash?
Gitarrenlover1001 9 päivää sitten
Try Billy strings, he is a modern Bluegrass player with good music
Ralph Benedict Acebo
Ralph Benedict Acebo 10 päivää sitten
Carrie underwood song should've been jesus take the wheel
Ralph Benedict Acebo
Ralph Benedict Acebo 10 päivää sitten
My top 5 Fave Country Songs: Jesus Take The Wheel Invisible Love Story You Belong With Me Mean
Patricia Pastor
Patricia Pastor 15 päivää sitten
Me skipping to cotton eye joe part:👁👄👁
Boss Tractor Services
Boss Tractor Services 16 päivää sitten
Check out Colter Wall - the devil wears a suit and tie
Olivia Hudson
Olivia Hudson 17 päivää sitten
I only like 2 country songs: Mamas broken heart (the chorus man...the chorus. Plus she has the heart of a metal head) Knee Deep (it makes me think of my family and how they’d play this during summer at the lake. I can taste the popsicles when I hear it) Past that my ears bleed when I hear country
Bjorn Rasmussen
Bjorn Rasmussen 17 päivää sitten
Pretty poor picks, I just started really getting into country these recent months and stapleton was the only one I knew.
lakshmivallabh 18 päivää sitten
I heart radio
lakshmivallabh 18 päivää sitten
grace twitch
grace twitch 19 päivää sitten
People who don't like country music are more likely shh ... garbage :D
liva nicole
liva nicole 20 päivää sitten
honestly, for a hit country person, she did decently, but with sam hunt, that's not a good song, the one that I taught was the best was "hard to forget", because that showed his style more than this song. and was better in general.
AttyEK 20 päivää sitten
I actually rarely listen to pop music just because pop music sounds repetitive, boring and way to digitalized. A lot of pop melodies, to me, are basically just 3 - 4 notes repeating constantly. You can sing to them just because they are made of 3 notes or you can't sing to them because there is so much digital mumbo jumbo that you don't know what the melody is.
Hunter Ledford
Hunter Ledford 20 päivää sitten
She gave you some shitty country music to my friend. There’s some way better stuff out there. Appreciate the perspective, though.
Tommy Delarosbil
Tommy Delarosbil 21 päivä sitten
You have got to listen to Colter Wall. His voice is exceptional. It's got that Johnny Cash quality. Very traditional country , the storytelling is on point and the voice ... Just to good
Rebel Ghost
Rebel Ghost 23 päivää sitten
I got a 65
Tyler Carpenter
Tyler Carpenter 23 päivää sitten
So converting Country to pop is a good way to make it interesting? I’m sure Roomie knows more than most about “modern music” but I think there is only one genre currently in modern music and that is “Mainstream” genres don’t exist due to this philosophy and everything is being blurred and mushed together to make music seem as if it came off an assembly line.
Kaitlyn Conyers
Kaitlyn Conyers 25 päivää sitten
im at the COUNTRy one, and ya youre being too nice. lol
Kelsey McQueary
Kelsey McQueary 26 päivää sitten
These are terrible country examples. Do Chris Stapleton without JT. Check out Cody Johnson, Cindy Jinks, Jamie Johnson, and John Paris’s Borrowed Time is WAY BETTER. Mainstream country is not “country” its pop. And if you go for lyrics In Color by Jamie Johnson is amazing same with Borrowed Time.
Steve Conner
Steve Conner 26 päivää sitten
Me who lose thinking no Lee brise?
Steve Conner
Steve Conner 26 päivää sitten
Me who isn’t watching the video and just jamming out to Tennessee whisky
Devon Owens
Devon Owens 27 päivää sitten
I am half way through the video at this point. But i REALLY REALLY hope that they included something like Craig Morgan, something with that early to mid 2000's "old country" style of lyrics that was still kinda up beat. Its what got me really into country and I havent left since. He might be my favorite artist at this point now that I think of it. People like Garth who are all time greats are amazing at what they do and are considered all time greats for a reason but there is that place for Craig and Darrly Worley, Tracy Lawrence, Rodney Atkins, Joe Diffy * I know this one is also older but same sound*, Justin More... I truly believe with how big Country is and how wide of variations people make of the genre that there is a artist that ANYONE would like.
MuriKakari 27 päivää sitten
If we're keeping it modern, Walker Hayes, Maren Morris, Eric Church, Yes- Chris Stapleton, Carrie, Miranda, pull out Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae, a little older but he might appreciate the lyrics, Little Big Town- use BOONDOCKS! dammit. The beat gets people. Church Bells was okay, but use the official music videos where possible. Country is about telling stories. The videos really make that clear. Thomas Rhett or Brothers Osbourne for the last. Use Miss Me More for Kelsea! Also Caylee Hammack. Hey look, my list has gender parity and that wasn't hard at all. Pretty sure she was listening with her eyes.
jake Brones
jake Brones 28 päivää sitten
these arent good country. Play some george strait or alan jackson. Merle haggard.
Riley Weis
Riley Weis 29 päivää sitten
The best country songs have a story and a message like "Stand" by Rascal Flatts, "So Small" by Carrie Underwood, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina Mcbride and "Drive" by Alan Jackson. Country music is also one of the biggest supporters of military personnel and veterans.
Josiah Fauls
Josiah Fauls 29 päivää sitten
Roomie be such a pop head that is why he no like country
Clint Janes
Clint Janes Uukausi sitten
Does anyone notice he says "man" just like pewdiepie? Must be a Gothenburg thing.
P.O. Games
P.O. Games Uukausi sitten
so white
Donna Stoner
Donna Stoner Uukausi sitten
Try Margo Price and Molly Tuttle. Her album was produced by Jack Whiite. I am not much for country either. Love bluegrass. Mostly progressive like Punch Brothers and Hawktail. They are all virtuoso musicain.
Lando Calrizzi
Lando Calrizzi Uukausi sitten
"Recent years" country isn't really country. Notice that she says cross genre appeal, because country has become so homogenized with pop, and other music. You even mention all there intertwined songs. Jr. Brown said it best, the audience isn't there anymore. The old school country just dore not exist in a big way anymore. That Stapelton song is soul/gospel vibe. Ray Charles says you're welcome. I would bet that this supposed expert wouldn't be a fan of traditional country music. Give her some Bill monroe, Jr Brown, Hank Williams, bet she'd srunch her nose at it. Her premise is wrong, true country music is an under ground thing these days, so how can you try and convince someone to be a fan of a kind of music that you give no examples of. A label can be just a label, and "country" music is mislabeled. Just because they have instrumentation that is considered "country" does not make it country. The Beatles used a sitar in some of their music, does that make it indian music? Because at the time it was labeled Rock/pop music.
Raymond Harnack
Raymond Harnack Uukausi sitten
Yeah dood...... not even really country. Joe needs a REAL country expert to change his mind.
Megan Michalsky
Megan Michalsky Uukausi sitten
No Jon Pardi 🥺
Anna Trahan
Anna Trahan Uukausi sitten
I saw a smirk on Joel's face when he was listening to carrie Underwood.
Krystyna Langerud
Krystyna Langerud Uukausi sitten
Is anyone else’s favorite type of music country?
Lindsey Stone
Lindsey Stone Uukausi sitten
I feel like most of these songs are a bad representation of modern country music. Although I prefer a more traditional country sound, there are some modern songs that I do like but most of these are not very good examples of what country music has to offer today.
Amanda Conner
Amanda Conner Uukausi sitten
suffer with cotten eye joe
Amanda Conner
Amanda Conner Uukausi sitten
Country is my favorite type of suck joel
Mike Guerrero
Mike Guerrero Uukausi sitten
Huge country fan here and most of these songs were trash.
Todd Jeffcoat
Todd Jeffcoat Uukausi sitten
There is a criminally underrated band called Murder by Death that NO OTHER CHANNEL has reacted to. I'm embarrassed for mankind to even be saying that. You've GOT to check them out. I might suggest Ramblin, Brother or Straight at the Sun to start off. Better country than what was on display here (except for maybe Tennessee Whiskey) and they aren't even country strictly speaking.
Kavik Uukausi sitten
oi what about Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Joe de Messena(?), Dolly Parton, and Tanya Tucker
RobMitch Uukausi sitten
Yeah, I believe this chick works at iheartradio. The media conglomerate almost single handedly responsible for making radio the most boring monotonous bull shit ever. All of those picks save for Chris stapleton were awful, man. I didn't even make it all the way through. Stopped at keith urban. Didn't even pick a good keith urban song. Like 15 years ago he made some ok music but just pick a damn genre dude. Either go full pop or full country and embrace it. Can't stand that wishy-washy bs. Anyway, terrible, terrible picks to represent country music.
Violet Uukausi sitten
We need this but for Broadway/musical theater
5 Percent Juice
5 Percent Juice Uukausi sitten
Country is one of those genres that's legitimately gotten worse throughout the years. Especially pre-9/11 it was generally pretty good, but since then it's just become a hyper-nationalistic genre with little depth beyond that (at least the popular stuff).
Kealii Harding
Kealii Harding Uukausi sitten
I only listen to old school country.
galaxykitten Uukausi sitten
Keith urban is frickin awesome
cheyenne lane
cheyenne lane Uukausi sitten
Keith Urban’s we were is really good
ArchangelSparda Uukausi sitten
Chris Stapleton is one of the best blues artists out right now. Dude is the Chris Cornell of blues and country.
C-Man Cleveland
C-Man Cleveland Uukausi sitten
lol, those Cringe lyrics from Miss Underwood, made me think of her and Blake, lmao.... I can see him Drinking too much and her being mad at him. Maybe that's what happened there, lol.
MANUEL ESTRADA Uukausi sitten
I'm not sad that Roomie doesn't like country, I'm sad that this is what country has become.
Video game lover 2006
Video game lover 2006 Uukausi sitten
Joel no offense but you need to stop trying to sing. You can’t sing get over it. And country is the best music genre.
ResIV Uukausi sitten
Midland would've been so great on this list. I vibeee to Cheatin Songs
Jake Gorman
Jake Gorman Uukausi sitten
What about "Honky Tonk Badonkidonk"?
Inksday Uukausi sitten
This "country" expert sucks, and their choices aren't country.
FMC Kaiser
FMC Kaiser Uukausi sitten
Why in tf she putting Sam Hunt on the playlist? Should have done some Luke Combs.
Tanya Chauhan
Tanya Chauhan Uukausi sitten
Hey make a video on reacting You all over me by Taylor swift ft marren moris
Kalgeriax 101
Kalgeriax 101 Uukausi sitten
Blake Shelton God's Country is great
P_Hell Uukausi sitten
Gosh I can't say exactly why but the song from Keith is the kind of song that would make me turn off a radio so damn quickly
Hayley Cartwright
Hayley Cartwright Uukausi sitten
She totally picked the wrong song for Kelsea Ballerini!! Her song Miss Me More, XO or Hole in the Bottle would have been better
Bracken Schwieder
Bracken Schwieder Uukausi sitten
High key, since she was from the industry she was promoting what nashville wants to promote. If anyone wants to look up some more authentic country music, look up Cody Johnson, Whiskey Meyers, Aaron Watson, and HARDY
Aileen Curry
Aileen Curry Uukausi sitten
keith urban kinda reminds me of billy ray cyrus
Jacob Jenkins
Jacob Jenkins Uukausi sitten
Coulter wall
Clint Parker
Clint Parker Uukausi sitten
Please react to Whiskey Lullaby
Absynthe Uukausi sitten
Listen to some Upchurch, you'll really start to like country. Independent artists are way better than the mainstream ones.
Sarah Macdonell
Sarah Macdonell Uukausi sitten
You should listen to God’s country by Blake Shelton btw I’m a boy I’m just on my moms account cause my account is FIpost kids. Fun fact: I was gonna be named Blake but my parents named me Austin
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Uukausi sitten
i don;t like the sam hunt song either and i'm a country fan
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Uukausi sitten
if only roomie knew patsy clines crazy.. if he wanted a voice
brandon fox
brandon fox Uukausi sitten
That country list was garbage
Steven Leslie
Steven Leslie Uukausi sitten
Country music is big over here because it connects with the underdogs of American society. Almost have to be one of us to get it.
Scoptic Jelly
Scoptic Jelly Uukausi sitten
We need some Midland on this list
Dylan IJbema
Dylan IJbema Uukausi sitten
if you want a few real modern country musicians then look up luke combs luke bryan blake shelton kane brown brad paisley darius rucker zac brown band cody jhonson now thats some good county
Smiley Young
Smiley Young Uukausi sitten
I think what makes country music so popular is, in part, it's simplicity but mostly the fact that it is so relatable to so many!
EKI Uukausi sitten
and here i am listening to bree doster
lil creeker
lil creeker Uukausi sitten
So Whitney is a “country expert” but only had 3 country singers out of the 10 she picked. Stapleton,Jon, and Underwood
Adam Grue
Adam Grue Uukausi sitten
Nooooo .... Jon Pardi song is not country, listen for the snaps / claps. It's literally country's cheapest take on making songs more pop. It is nice to have some good songs ppl can sing along to but it shouldn't be every other song and this is not about the brocountry thing, this is a far far movement towards pop. The worse part is that pop mixes snaps / claps with other hi hits and snares on the 2s and 4s and has some drops. Country is making way to many songs with just a guy singing to lyrics with a snap / clap track. It works for a something like Lady A Champagne Night that is meant to be that fun party carefree song but listen to the 'traditional' country guys doing it now. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it. when is 4 out of 10 liking something though lol?
nightOWL Uukausi sitten
Not a country fan myself, but I'm surprised there's no Garth Brooks or Johnny Cash on the list.
Michael Nikodem
Michael Nikodem Uukausi sitten
Idk Dan+Shay aren’t really country yk?
Sara Maldonado
Sara Maldonado Uukausi sitten
Joel!!!! Please do a video reacting to country LEGENDS!!! Some suggestions would be Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Keith Whitley, Jessi Colter, the list goes on and on!!!!! Some of my favorite country singers as of this time are Tyler Childers, Kacey Musgraves, Colter Wall, etc. (In no particular order) you should also give them a listen :)
Mary S
Mary S Uukausi sitten
I wish I could speak English like Joel.
Nathan Krapf
Nathan Krapf Uukausi sitten
So country could be good if it turns into synth rap? I give up.
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson Uukausi sitten
One listen to Tyler Childers and he’d change his views (at least somewhat). That guy is unbelievable. You can feel his voice in your bones.
Tift Bassmaster
Tift Bassmaster Uukausi sitten
You need some real country
colonel mustard13
colonel mustard13 Uukausi sitten
You should listen to some George strait
Stephen Rice
Stephen Rice Uukausi sitten
All I have to say is ware is rascal flats just wondering
Lucas Clark
Lucas Clark Uukausi sitten
What you say you don’t like about country music is what I like about it. I feel like pop and other genres are evolving to quickly and country just has a way of bringing me back to the old days. PS Whitney chose really bad examples of country music.
Justin Murray
Justin Murray Uukausi sitten
For fucks sake. Could have picked much better Kelsea and Carrie songs and other than Chris and possibly LBT this list is absolute shit and not country. Yuck. Fans like that are why "country" sucks now.
King EZ
King EZ Uukausi sitten
ima Tennessee boy just like Justin Timberlake!
F Uukausi sitten
Me: That sounds like Jazz/Blues Roomie: ... in between pop music and jazz music Me: Oh good, I wasn't just hearing things
Alyssa C
Alyssa C Uukausi sitten
Growing up in the South, I pretty much grew up with both pop and country music. I have a soft spot for country and I love it just the way it is. I don’t care about innovation or any of that. I love hearing the stories they are telling and all that. I highly recommend Thomas Rhett and Luke Coombs. They are my faves
Its Kxyla Bae
Its Kxyla Bae Uukausi sitten
This wasn't the best list. As a music lover and a big fan of country genre, personality i think luke combs should have been more recognised.
Kayo Michiels
Kayo Michiels Uukausi sitten
1 country music, and the rest is just pop with 'country music' throw out that damn playlist and just punt on Johnny Cash!
Charles Cowart
Charles Cowart Uukausi sitten
I want to hate this list, but since he like pop better than country it kind of makes sense
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