Famous Artists Who Sampled Songs #3

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These bangers were all based on other songs!
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bethzebanana 2 tuntia sitten
watched this, went downstairs, and my dad was listening to a randomly generated playlist of blues music and he was trying to find out who Etta James was because he had just heard Something's Got A Hold On Me in the playlist and liked it, so yeah, random comment but woooohooooo Edit: went back down, it's a few days later, he's doing the same with the Camille Yarbough song Take Yo' Praise, like what are the chances
Tristan Avvan
Tristan Avvan 12 tuntia sitten
I dunno but i think break my heart from Dua Lipa took inspiration from Chic- Good Times
Juan Pablo Arboleda
Juan Pablo Arboleda Päivä sitten
Never heard woman to woman??? Never played GTA San Andreas???
Lotta Pitchy
Lotta Pitchy 12 tuntia sitten
Maybe it wasn’t as popular in Sweden
spencerant88 Päivä sitten
I just wish I can watch these videos and see Mario Winans; I don’t wanna know, sampling Enya; boadecia.
Fronteira Livre
Fronteira Livre 2 päivää sitten
I'm from Brazil and this Jorge Ben Jor song, called "Taj Mahal" is quite famous here actually hahaha
Łukasz Rutkowski
Łukasz Rutkowski 3 päivää sitten
Vintage Funk Kit 03 sound similar to first sounds of Empire state of mind (Jay Z ft Alicia Keys version) ^^
David Hallen
David Hallen 3 päivää sitten
Pal LUH tah bull...palatable. Not pa LATE a bull
Lotta Pitchy
Lotta Pitchy 12 tuntia sitten
Swedish pronunciation, maybe. Still got some accent ;)
Daenno Molina
Daenno Molina 4 päivää sitten
Hi rommie
Suad Faraj
Suad Faraj 5 päivää sitten
Wait, what? The base from sugarhill gang's song is not sampled from "Another one bites the dust"?!!
aerial100nx 5 päivää sitten
can you analyze the weeknd's blinding light please? it's a similar, yet faster beat than: [Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) [Part 2]. [SKIP TO 3:30 min)]. it also has a Rod Stewart - Young Turks vibe.
Noah Clute
Noah Clute 5 päivää sitten
10:16 really thought it was gonna be the Thomas the train theme
Haydn Paterson
Haydn Paterson 7 päivää sitten
I dunno if it's mentioned already, but Rappers Delight sampled CHIC, not the other way around
David 7 päivää sitten
one more for the record. almeno stavolta by nek uses a sample from sum 41's still waiting
KATERI LEVASSEUR 8 päivää sitten
☝🚫☝🚫☝ Hey @roomie How are you a Lyrical person but not know WHO JOE COCKER is? Wtf?
shashika sudasinghe
shashika sudasinghe 8 päivää sitten
Has any one ever told you that you look like one of Rachael Rays kids 🤣🤣🤣
Jardel Invencível
Jardel Invencível 8 päivää sitten
Shakira: Underneath Your Clothes---->Eternal Flames Waka Waka---->Zangalewa Waka Waka Hips Don't Lie---->Amores Como el Nuestro Estoy Aquí---->I"ll Stand By You Loca---->Loca con su tíguere La La La (Video)---->Woodkid Iron She Wolf---->Californication Las De La Intuición----> I'll Fly With You Honorable Mention - Whenever, Wherever ---->note riff from Pink Floyd's "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond,"
Christopher Aultz
Christopher Aultz 8 päivää sitten
Ice cube, Dr Dre, SirMixAlot all of their more famous early beats are from 70s funk music.
Steve Like
Steve Like 9 päivää sitten
Come Together....another would be from Michael Jackson... ;)
Bea Braun
Bea Braun 10 päivää sitten
The bass in Rappers Delight kinda sounds like Dua Lipa’s Break My Heart
Vivbi 10 päivää sitten
Fun fact: The Etta James sample is also in Flo Ridas: Good Feeling
Nathane caporal
Nathane caporal 10 päivää sitten
Carmen by stromae in next video
Siv SS
Siv SS 10 päivää sitten
Looks like Logan Paul @ 14:29
Dar Ghi
Dar Ghi 10 päivää sitten
lol all of fatboyslims songs are sampled...
Insólito Produções
Insólito Produções 10 päivää sitten
Rod Stweart lost a copyright suit to Jorge Ben Jor.
The HellLord
The HellLord 11 päivää sitten
MIA’s song feels so similar to Sunflower
dude 13 päivää sitten
i love Steve Nicks
Zaid Ikhwan
Zaid Ikhwan 13 päivää sitten
6:04 GTA San fan will remember this music
Paigey-poo 13 päivää sitten
Can’t believe the incredible sample FOB did in Centuries wasnt in this video smh. Tom’s Diner, great song, kinda weird tho. Deserves the hype it got from being featured for sure
Johann K.
Johann K. 13 päivää sitten
Joe Cocker....... you didn't know..... that is jarring.
Vinícius Gama de Farias
Vinícius Gama de Farias 13 päivää sitten
Reminder that Jorge Ben Jor is a respected brazilian musicist, both 'round here and internationally
funkydragon 14 päivää sitten
But did you finish the Robbie Williams video?
Emergent Sea
Emergent Sea 14 päivää sitten
Video: Rapper's delight starts Me: starts singing another one bites the dust Video: Good times comes up Me: is this sampleception?
JustTheGamerBoy 14 päivää sitten
Rappers delights sugarhill gang literally sound like Michael jacksons Billie jean
asdf jklö
asdf jklö 15 päivää sitten
you......don´t....know.... joe cocker?????????????
Lena Wrlch
Lena Wrlch 15 päivää sitten
How could he not have seen the Robbie Williams music video it was such a scandal :D
Lara Bueno
Lara Bueno 15 päivää sitten
by your face in taj mahal song, i think you would like samba my friend!
Kneel Nieder
Kneel Nieder 15 päivää sitten
Kinda disappointed that the reaction to the end of the "Rock DJ" video isn´t here.
Shalok Dadhwal
Shalok Dadhwal 16 päivää sitten
2:42 is the sampled song of sunflower-Post malone
Dave Sitchon
Dave Sitchon 17 päivää sitten
Olly Murs (Dance with me tonight) and Meghan Trainor (All about that bass)
bruh 17 päivää sitten
What about Whoopty
Rida Laamoumi
Rida Laamoumi 17 päivää sitten
The way he disrespected M.I.A by calling her Mia *facepalm*
dean moerdyk
dean moerdyk 17 päivää sitten
I can't believe he doesn't know Joe Cocker...
Rhenzo Sadiangcolor
Rhenzo Sadiangcolor 17 päivää sitten
3:40 : I love the sample ♥️ 3:40 : ( Spotify ads) really?
NavySeal2k 17 päivää sitten
Not knowing Joe Cocker O_o
Flying in Circles
Flying in Circles 18 päivää sitten
I totally thought the Atlantic one was gonna be queens, another one bites the dust. I guess that's a pretty common beat though?
Adjust Pred Music
Adjust Pred Music 18 päivää sitten
arctic monkeys - arabella always sounded like war pigs
Raoul LaFleur
Raoul LaFleur 18 päivää sitten
who is Joe Cocker.......wow
George McAuley
George McAuley 18 päivää sitten
Woman to woman has been sampled a million times in hip hop plus Moby's Honey.
Deacon White
Deacon White 19 päivää sitten
spring's sorcerer came out in 94
NewNathan 19 päivää sitten
Women to women - Grand Theft Auto vibes now. Beside that, Joe is cool.
Niels Christiansen
Niels Christiansen 19 päivää sitten
Sorcerer "sprning" 1992! Queen "we will rock you" 1977!!!
Poor Rolemodel Entertainment
Poor Rolemodel Entertainment 20 päivää sitten
Praise You music video was actually directed by, and stars Spike Jonze, who's basically a household name in filmmaking. Such a rad video. Dude's an absolute nut, in some of the best ways possible!
Hoelbrak/NoFear 20 päivää sitten
Alexis jordan - happines. Straight up from deadmau5 - brazil
Mr. Mercury
Mr. Mercury 20 päivää sitten
Roomie i can't trust your sources anymore "We will rock you," came out in 1977 and "Spring," came out in 1993 so "Spring," is the sample (I'm just playing)
maliibii 20 päivää sitten
off topic you kinda look like cole sprouse
Lotta Pitchy
Lotta Pitchy 12 tuntia sitten
We actually talk about this a lot here lol
gordonglasgow14 21 päivä sitten
The Rod stewart track has another sample the string arrangement comes from BOBBY Womack put something on it check it out
gordonglasgow14 21 päivä sitten
good compilation of new verses original brother However California love has another sample which is more blatent check out Ronnie Hudson & The Street People west coast poplock
Mustafa Anis Ahamad
Mustafa Anis Ahamad 22 päivää sitten
0:57 my whole life just lost its meaning,then . . .
justschr 22 päivää sitten
Lol @ some of your mispronunciations 🤣
MindOverMatt 22 päivää sitten
a cool fact: The 2007 dance-pop song "Do It" performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado features elements plagiarized from "Acidjazzed Evening", a chiptune-style track composed by the Finnish demoscene artist Janne Suni on the Commedor64. They used the whole song and added a base line to it.
dogiscute1234 23 päivää sitten
Hey roomie toy shoulders by eminem sampled a song you can use this in ok ne of your vids!
edesmave 23 päivää sitten
6:15 me parece que también suena como 9 to 5 (Deadpool 2 como referencia)
Victor Tolentino
Victor Tolentino 23 päivää sitten
the rock me in one direction too
Matthew Seeker
Matthew Seeker 23 päivää sitten
The thing is if Dr. Dre made the beat it's a sample cuz he got big off making smaples- smaples? smaples. 😂
Elite4Blitz 23 päivää sitten
shupashta 24 päivää sitten
next level is when you sample your own stuff: "Interlude: Shadow" from Map of the Soul: 7, performed by Suga, samples the intro track of the band's first EP O!RUL8,2? (it's a conceptual choice, but I'll leave it at that).
La Familia
La Familia 24 päivää sitten
Paper plane sounds more like sunflower
Mizer 24 päivää sitten
The we will rock you almost gave me a sheer heart attack
greensunday 24 päivää sitten
I just realized my teddy bear is named Barry White and I never knew why, until I saw it was a singer
morphman86 25 päivää sitten
I love how Fatboy Slim didn't actually sing, but sampled from others, with the twist that he got all of the singing parts pitched and stretched perfectly, so it sounds like the same man is singing every time (even when it's a woman in the original sample). He's truly the godfather of big beats.
morphman86 25 päivää sitten
Destiny's Child was gonna drop the Stevie Nicks sample, but the producer liked it too much, so he ended up contacting Stevie to buy the rights. She said the only condition was if she got to be in the video with them. And that's how you avoid copyright lawsuits!
Bella Mk
Bella Mk 25 päivää sitten
All the burlesque fans 🤣🤣
Suga Raye
Suga Raye 26 päivää sitten
I hope you watched the entire robbie video until he copied mj video ghost and turnt into a skeleton
Keel Dan Guadalquiver
Keel Dan Guadalquiver 26 päivää sitten
Flo Rida's Good Feeling is also a sample from Etta James' Something's Got a Hold on me
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk 27 päivää sitten
It’s M.I.A. Not Mia, and you sir don’t know the Queen of Southern California rock Miss Stevie Nicks from the Legendary band Fleetwood Mac???
Alex Miclea
Alex Miclea 28 päivää sitten
12:33 had me dead
Danny Tonnessen
Danny Tonnessen 29 päivää sitten
You KNOW that the writers of, Rod Stewarts if you want my body, were probably shit faced abroad when they heard this playing and DRUNKENLY ADDED THEIR OWN LYRICS! Then loved it SOO much they made a song to remember their night partying! 🎉🥳🎉 Haha 🤣 My dad’s generation did that constantly LoL.
Ozymandias PBS
Ozymandias PBS Uukausi sitten
Chic is pronounced "sheek" which is French for 'fashionable'
Lebald James
Lebald James Uukausi sitten
Bruh dua lipa literally sample every song smh 🤦‍♂️
Yenni Gonzalez
Yenni Gonzalez Uukausi sitten
Fun fact: she didnt
Bárbara Vitória
Bárbara Vitória Uukausi sitten
Interesting Fact: the music of the group Las Ketchups, and the Brazilian version of the band Rogue used the song Sugarhill Gang as a sample.
Mahdi Sarhan
Mahdi Sarhan Uukausi sitten
Why didn't he go through with woman to woman? :/
THE LOL GAMING Uukausi sitten
3:24 song name pls
Aline Bondesan Correia Lima
Aline Bondesan Correia Lima Uukausi sitten
you NEED to watch the full clip of Robin Williams' song
T-jay Lyons
T-jay Lyons Uukausi sitten
In the song good times by chic I hear another one bites the dust
Hailley Jade Gapulao
Hailley Jade Gapulao Uukausi sitten
am i the only one who hears the Jessie J song "Price Tag" in the song that Umbrella sampled from?
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips Uukausi sitten
5:20 The voice crack is real
Annabeth Higgins
Annabeth Higgins Uukausi sitten
Did you know that Christian artist TobyMac sampled "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell in his song "Somebody's Watching" on his first solo album Momentum?
GearsOfAGamer Uukausi sitten
You really need to watch the whole rock dj video lol
Samalama111 Uukausi sitten
This video was made on my birthday!
Eukee animatez 2
Eukee animatez 2 Uukausi sitten
Here's an extra Sample:Jordan Clarke Freaks Original:Maroon 5 memories
Rachael Doherty
Rachael Doherty Uukausi sitten
One song I totally believe was sampled is Keep on movin' by five And it was sampled by Keith urban in his song days go by
Moojak Kayy
Moojak Kayy Uukausi sitten
That one song sounds like another bite the dust
Patt Adams
Patt Adams Uukausi sitten
I got thee actually was sample in like 3 major popular songs and is super good
Bruuj Official
Bruuj Official Uukausi sitten
Illusory _
Illusory _ Uukausi sitten
10:31 they sampled A Tribe Called Quest's song called "Can I Kick It?" as well.
Wilbert scherhaufer
Wilbert scherhaufer Uukausi sitten
FINALLY hardcore in his vids !!!
Matkel jordon
Matkel jordon Uukausi sitten
The fabulous moat jelly permit because velvet perceptually mend over a numberless fog. malicious, ignorant border
Gapb Uukausi sitten
I always hear something else lol, melody of downtown by macklemore sounds just like the start of rappers delight
Joel Davies
Joel Davies Uukausi sitten
Am I the only one who doesn't like Eminem's "My Name Is"
person Uukausi sitten
Shani Morris
Shani Morris Uukausi sitten
Fact :a lot of chuck berry songs were stolen from the Beatles and other various artists
person Uukausi sitten
from or by? chuck berry was active before beatles were even around
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