Grammy Songs of The Year 2010-2021 (Did they deserve it?)

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Grammy Songs of The Year 2010-2021 (Did they deserve it?)
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talha mushtaq
talha mushtaq 3 tuntia sitten
Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant 3 tuntia sitten
*I wonder why 'I can't breathe' won*
Akash Raghavan
Akash Raghavan 8 tuntia sitten
Joel your opinion doesn't matter the two most only facts that matter is that you have a bad tast of music and dr phil will decide your life sentence
Kieran Martin
Kieran Martin 9 tuntia sitten
Taylor swift song it put 2015 is 2016 songs
Daniela Banales Cerda
Daniela Banales Cerda 12 tuntia sitten
I heard almost all the 2015 songs when I was lil lol 😂
Pedro S.
Pedro S. 21 tunti sitten
use somebody won record of the year that year
Hayden Palm
Hayden Palm 23 tuntia sitten
Opinion Outpost song be like: Great for when your feeling bored and got nothin to do. Bro i always have something to do, Watch ur videos
JennyApostolos 23 tuntia sitten
Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)
Just DALTON World
Just DALTON World Päivä sitten
If you don’t know what to do go to school
anonymous Päivä sitten
To this day i still wonder why 'love the way you lie' didn't win
thereal SirDj
thereal SirDj Päivä sitten
Am I the only one who thought that Taylor's reaction when she heard Ed Sheeran won was super cute just because they are friends?
Bt Tf
Bt Tf Päivä sitten
Fun Facts BTS didn't Won grammy Lady Gag Wo But Bts Dynamite Got 700k Stream And Lady Song Rain On Me Got 500K Stream But Lady Gaga Won
Kaan Demiröz
Kaan Demiröz Päivä sitten
"To do like ME and start earning monEY, the link in the description is where you need to "GO" " ?????? I'm SO angry for no reason that it wasn't "where you need to BE"
Mel Fos
Mel Fos Päivä sitten
See u again roomie I’m takeing over
Emily Owens
Emily Owens Päivä sitten
The only thing I’m confused about is, how is it best song of the year if it’s not even half way through the year.
Mel Fos
Mel Fos Päivä sitten
Rooomie rosters dbetter singers
Eddie Leaverton
Eddie Leaverton Päivä sitten
I agree with Joel about 7 years being stronger than hello. Please don't come for me, it's just my opinion. Thanks! 😊
Marvel Stuff
Marvel Stuff Päivä sitten
Roomie: Lewis is from Britain Me: hold up... I thought he was Scottish
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato Päivä sitten
Is it just me, or does Joel have more of an accent when he sings😅 just saying. Not tryna make fun of ur accent
Arturo MacArthur
Arturo MacArthur Päivä sitten
In my opinion royals is really overrated I think it is the 2nd worst of the nominees that year.
MayTay Päivä sitten
Chandelier was so iconic. It should have won. Sia has zero grammy, it's a shame. She literally writes all her hits without using samples. I don't find it right...
JED Pokemon
JED Pokemon Päivä sitten
Man when I was four I loved we are young and I used to sing it and seeing that it won makes me feel nostalgic.
JavinarPlays Päivä sitten
I dunno why they didn't nominate blinding lights It was so iconic!!!
Shauny Jimenez
Shauny Jimenez Päivä sitten
ofc i cant breathe won, the grmmy's want those racism points
BIGBOYJESUS69 2 päivää sitten
Plum plum plum plum pluhuhuhum
Remonicca Puganesan
Remonicca Puganesan 2 päivää sitten
Do you have the rights to compare them
Sharpie ThreeSixty
Sharpie ThreeSixty 2 päivää sitten
Can we all just admit that literally every song nominated on the grammies are complete trash. All of these "artists" have a writing team of ten or more people. Case en point all my single ladies.
MelloTrash132 2 päivää sitten
Roomie don’t like my favorite band man I might have to un sub Jk
Robin Prajeesh
Robin Prajeesh 2 päivää sitten
No way i am skipping his promotions
Hypnowave 2 päivää sitten
How was rockstar not even nominated this year. It was massive everywhere, and very representative.
Jackie Sueann
Jackie Sueann 2 päivää sitten
I do not believe any of these ....artists deserve a grammy. Blah. Dud. The music award shows have gone WAY downhill. 😜
Golden Black wolf
Golden Black wolf 2 päivää sitten
NML THE BEST IN TOWN 2 päivää sitten
Crazy 2 päivää sitten
Its really unfair how could the Taylor has not own ?? Damn everything is nice about her.... lyrics vocals and all
Ariana Gandhi
Ariana Gandhi 3 päivää sitten
Idk if lil baby - the bigger picture vs megan thee stallion - ratchet (i think) will be on this video but it was the biggest steal ever
{MVP} REYIZCII 3 päivää sitten
1:53 as being a The Flash fan this just made my day 🎉
SAMANVI SHARMA 3 päivää sitten
Joel: I think taylor cant win a grammy Taylor: Wings 6 grammys
Vincent Shelman
Vincent Shelman 3 päivää sitten
I already knew I can breathe was gonna win cause of blm
Helena 3 päivää sitten
You're so right about Use somebody. I remeber to this very day the first moment I heard Use somebody. I was trying to fall asleep with silent MTV playing in the back, 2:00 am, and after almost being there at 2:45, I heard Caleb Followill's intro vocal line and got out of bed instantenously. 🤣🤣🤣
Subrias 3 päivää sitten
thats the crap version of despacito too, the original version is much better. Bieber offered nothing to the song at all.
Penny Guzowski
Penny Guzowski 3 päivää sitten
7:43 im not putting any hate towards your channel I love your content but I would like you to know that taylor has won 10 Grammys
YOU didn't see me!
YOU didn't see me! 3 päivää sitten
Roomie: “oh she’s so adorable” Me: “hmmm” ( thinking) i see
katrina is the best
katrina is the best 4 päivää sitten
Who yust accidently clicked on one his vids and started watching him all the time?yust me? 😂
peppa dog
peppa dog 4 päivää sitten
I agree with roomie that 7 years should have won... I mean everytime i listen to it, i cry. Its my childhood my parents and my close cousin that lives with us always listen to it in the car going home from work. Listening to it now gives me so many good memories i wish that could happened again... But non personally wise, i think its a great song...
Adorexruquxyah 4 päivää sitten
Susan Rijal
Susan Rijal 4 päivää sitten
Wherw is eminem🙄😫💞💫
Shehrazade Rehman
Shehrazade Rehman 4 päivää sitten
React to ‘new love’ by Gabriela bee
Rayden 4 päivää sitten
I love this new series pls keep this up
Scott Gross
Scott Gross 4 päivää sitten
7 Years was the worst song ever.
Mel Fos
Mel Fos 4 päivää sitten
Roomies no not a Grammy Me ur not Grammy love vids sub to Caydenfos plays
huggies 4 päivää sitten
How the heck does that advertisement type song u made sounds so perfect
Blue Horsei luve yor viteyos Rentals
Blue Horsei luve yor viteyos Rentals 4 päivää sitten
Are we not going to to talk about how good that paid promotion song was?
Blue Horsei luve yor viteyos Rentals
Blue Horsei luve yor viteyos Rentals 4 päivää sitten
Tell me I'm wrong
Undnd Lolbored
Undnd Lolbored 4 päivää sitten
Omg you need to do this for the album of the year !!
Jasmine Howell
Jasmine Howell 4 päivää sitten
I literally love so much that he made a song about the sponsor I am in love with it LOLL SO FUNNY 😂💀
Topa 4 päivää sitten
great song
Anna Davis
Anna Davis 4 päivää sitten
What I’m confused is why One Direction isn’t on here.
Jimmie Khimmel
Jimmie Khimmel 4 päivää sitten
The disrespect for adorn by Miguel is so crazy, that is probably one of the best songs of all time!!
Wesley Leeroy
Wesley Leeroy 5 päivää sitten
censors a gun but not the f word *nice*
Justine Jhay Villocillo
Justine Jhay Villocillo 5 päivää sitten
But The Tiger is my favorite song :
LifeOfJelllo 5 päivää sitten
1:44 Victoria Justice is that you?
luhvjayy 5 päivää sitten
9:58 @TommyInnit
LifeOfJelllo 5 päivää sitten
1:16 is no one appreciating Joel singing about the ads? i mean all of them are sooo good! 😞
remuel dignos
remuel dignos 5 päivää sitten
Sia deserves awards for her incredible songs...
Kolya Kolya
Kolya Kolya 5 päivää sitten
Bruno lit up in 2010
julianna l.
julianna l. 5 päivää sitten
i really started looking for the tommyinnit clip during 'that's what i like'
cloudyplayz 5 päivää sitten
7 years was my favorite song when i was younger.
Stephan Robert
Stephan Robert 5 päivää sitten
So to win a Grammy, the music doesn't matter. If it's political and in line with the left, you'll win. Kinda messed up if you ask me
Fatima Qureshi
Fatima Qureshi 5 päivää sitten
Procrastinator 2 päivää sitten
This isn't about them...
jaden King
jaden King 5 päivää sitten
Beyoncé is bribing the awards committee for real how did she get nominated for some of these songs lol
Khalida Paracha
Khalida Paracha 5 päivää sitten
Joel is sometime cringy but in a good and funny way lol
Jan Mezera
Jan Mezera 5 päivää sitten
Do you guys listen to a real music?
Spoons 5 päivää sitten
big boris
big boris 5 päivää sitten
you have to learn hollow clop
julian arredondo
julian arredondo 5 päivää sitten
Someone tell me why Blinding Lights was not even nominated in 2021.
Enas Zaq
Enas Zaq 6 päivää sitten
Hello was such a memeable song, it's a surprise it won against 7 years
Anakiin. 6 päivää sitten
The best comeback is that Bruno Mars Won Album of the year and song of the year in 2018, Pretty much the best Comeback Of Him
Dimitrije Vlastelica
Dimitrije Vlastelica 6 päivää sitten
hip hop is never winning and that has to change
Flloydey Boydey
Flloydey Boydey 6 päivää sitten
when you did the adelle impression you sounded like a bad impression of borat
Sacha Kays
Sacha Kays 6 päivää sitten
I don's understand why most of the 2021 songs that you put are actually 2020 songs lol
Meenakshi Mohan
Meenakshi Mohan 6 päivää sitten
Is grammy worth of...?
Meenakshi Mohan
Meenakshi Mohan 6 päivää sitten
@ok you 🤣
ok you
ok you 6 päivää sitten
Used to
OP Killer ff
OP Killer ff 6 päivää sitten
who is just not skipped ad part to hear his awesome singing ??😎😎😎😎
Harith 6 päivää sitten
Fun fact Taylor swift won 5 Grammie
Gina Morales
Gina Morales 6 päivää sitten
Who else thought that taylor raged because ed won lol
ThatSingerReactions 6 päivää sitten
Single ladies literally crashed the entire world are it even in politics. Inspired a TV show yeah use somebody can't compete with that bro wtf 🤣
Jefferson Wali
Jefferson Wali 6 päivää sitten
Are all Swedish people the same?😂😂😂 Felix behaves like this!!!
Rusty Magoo
Rusty Magoo 6 päivää sitten
"I see you driving round town with the girl i love and i'm like, f**k youuuuu" Roomie: It's a love song
Reyfun 6 päivää sitten
I can't take Bruno Mars' "That's what I like" seriously anymore after TommyInnit XD
CheezCakePlayz YT
CheezCakePlayz YT 6 päivää sitten
3:23 should have won I love that song
univexse Star
univexse Star 6 päivää sitten
2020’s lineup was just wayy to hard for me to choose
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski 6 päivää sitten
If we are young doesn’t win I’ll scream!
Ferrara Family
Ferrara Family 6 päivää sitten
I love Miss Lambert she should have won in 2011
SunsetStar :3
SunsetStar :3 6 päivää sitten
can i listen to the outpost add on Spotify?
Gidi Ose
Gidi Ose 7 päivää sitten
formation should have EASILY won the grammy for SOTY
GC Reset
GC Reset 7 päivää sitten
I swear to god on 2016 I knew see you again was gonna come
Gurjas Singh
Gurjas Singh 7 päivää sitten
Blinding lights not even in Grammys!!!!
Nishad Karande
Nishad Karande 7 päivää sitten
Where the fuck is faded?
U ruined my life
U ruined my life 7 päivää sitten
BruNo Grammy to Bru11grammys *
A cup of Tae with Suga and a lil Kookie
A cup of Tae with Suga and a lil Kookie 7 päivää sitten
How BTS couldn't have won against rain on me is still a crime 😳
Procrastinator 2 päivää sitten
This isn't even about the category that happened in...
Jero Galán Archila
Jero Galán Archila 7 päivää sitten
Dua, Billie and Taylor deserved way more than H.E.R but anyway we all know the scammys. The message of her’s song is very good but it was kinda weak and it didn’t even enter to main charts while dsn,cardigan and everything I wanted did
iden 2 tuntia sitten
The message is good, but the song is boring and terrible 👎
Cejay 7 päivää sitten
Okay. This put me on a throwback train... and I feel old as shit now cause I remember we when all of these came out and "in my blood" is one of my favorite songs to this and has been since it was released.
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