Learning ICONIC dances (but I got no groove)

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I just became the best dancer in the world - FIGHT ME!
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Learning ICONIC dances (but I got no groove)
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Edited by Martin Olsson

Aurelia Elle
Aurelia Elle Tunti sitten
7:23 i will be forever haunted by this face
Elba Riera
Elba Riera 4 tuntia sitten
Me fell off my bed when jole doing the dojo cat one 🤣🤣🤣
Double G
Double G 4 tuntia sitten
on savage when e stick his tongue out its funny
Beffrey Gaming
Beffrey Gaming 4 tuntia sitten
Even as a female, the only dance I know off by heart is the thriller dance which I only learned to make me seem fun at parties rather than standing in a corner of the room lol
Mr. Minecraft
Mr. Minecraft 5 tuntia sitten
The way she says boogie 4:51
Genocide gambler
Genocide gambler 6 tuntia sitten
12:52 did you even try?
Thomas Pro
Thomas Pro 6 tuntia sitten
You should do ikon killing me
Noah Mansier
Noah Mansier 8 tuntia sitten
Roomie’s title learning iconic dances what it should be trying iconic dances
Keneth Santiago
Keneth Santiago 13 tuntia sitten
When Joel wants hip movement and they start to play beyonce.
Amelia Mathis
Amelia Mathis 13 tuntia sitten
Roomie= diaper dresses Me= leotard
Kevin Fernando
Kevin Fernando 14 tuntia sitten
A PART 2 plzzz
Pij peña
Pij peña 15 tuntia sitten
Joel is me everytime I try to dance 🥲🤣
Gabby Colunga
Gabby Colunga 15 tuntia sitten
Were you born with the dad dance moves? Also, perhaps a bigger dancing area might work better.
Екатерина Баранова
Екатерина Баранова 15 tuntia sitten
Man, I love your channel! Moscow is with you))))) Best!
RON FF 16 tuntia sitten
Only real legend players came here to only see Michael Jackson's dance done by Joel......
Akshaya Ramesh
Akshaya Ramesh 19 tuntia sitten
Me who danced the macarina and the cha cha slide in grade 2 like: *iT’s So EaSy*
Keith James
Keith James 21 tunti sitten
Didn't stop laughing
Shu de la hoya Legend
Shu de la hoya Legend 22 tuntia sitten
At least he can do it :(
asheca97 23 tuntia sitten
Your dancing reminds me so much of Charlie Puth’s😂😂
Santousia Wong A Sang-Djojo
Santousia Wong A Sang-Djojo 23 tuntia sitten
make a part 2
Danni Wilson
Danni Wilson Päivä sitten
2:10 - 2:20 are you OK like, are you ok
FX Eclipse
FX Eclipse Päivä sitten
Cloud Squad
Cloud Squad Päivä sitten
for the watch me song, it was 38% the rest was.... VERY CRINGE
Cutie_Ghost Päivä sitten
😂The "diaper dress" is called a leotard lol
mimi's life
mimi's life Päivä sitten
I appreciate it
Gwen Collignon
Gwen Collignon Päivä sitten
Let's appreciate the faces he makes
Seanna Sunny
Seanna Sunny Päivä sitten
Joel: Did you learn anything from this video? Me: yes Joel: what did you learn? Me: Joel can't dance
Chris draws 2
Chris draws 2 Päivä sitten
I’m very concerned Joel
Lua Rosario
Lua Rosario Päivä sitten
This hilarious
howler unkown
howler unkown Päivä sitten
is roomie a new micle jacksone
howler unkown
howler unkown Päivä sitten
and yes i did miss spell it on perpis because its scuft
er hes
er hes Päivä sitten
that's good
Adam Hellewell
Adam Hellewell Päivä sitten
L&L world channel
L&L world channel Päivä sitten
Tedan Sastrado
Tedan Sastrado Päivä sitten
I can do the thriller and party rock
Lavanya Rajput
Lavanya Rajput Päivä sitten
Roomie is the best dancer !! than other dancers..
Lavanya Rajput
Lavanya Rajput 2 päivää sitten
ohh goodd !!! XD
Megan Willis
Megan Willis 2 päivää sitten
yall have no idea how hard i was laughing while he was dancing. i couldn't breathe half the time. I was literally dying.
Alyssa Davidson
Alyssa Davidson 2 päivää sitten
Joel- diper dress Me- nooo that’s a lid tard
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 2 päivää sitten
pure cringe
Lotta Pitchy
Lotta Pitchy Päivä sitten
That’s the joke
Candela Philippsen
Candela Philippsen 2 päivää sitten
I have to see him doing the hoedown throwdown from the hanna montana movie
Kylevin Jaike Jardiniano
Kylevin Jaike Jardiniano 2 päivää sitten
Never gonna give you up should be here
Lia Belen Maidana
Lia Belen Maidana 2 päivää sitten
Hey Roomie, may I suggest glowstick dance? I think everyone Will look amazing at that lol
Gavin Faith
Gavin Faith 2 päivää sitten
I almost choked to death when his editor was saying things to side during single ladies
Michael De Vitis
Michael De Vitis 2 päivää sitten
riridogman 2 päivää sitten
Once I saw the cover I was losing it
Mirelle Petersdotter
Mirelle Petersdotter 2 päivää sitten
gör mer dans snälla botar ju nästan min deprision
Shirley Michelle
Shirley Michelle 2 päivää sitten
You look good 🤣
Marie Luciano
Marie Luciano 2 päivää sitten
Joel should have started with the electric slide, then cha cha slide, then cubic shuffle. Allllll the school dances lol
rodrigamer 009
rodrigamer 009 2 päivää sitten
I like move
rodrigamer 009
rodrigamer 009 2 päivää sitten
My favorite is Michael Jackson
Lola aub
Lola aub 2 päivää sitten
When Joel did savage my face was like:😁😂
Lola aub
Lola aub 2 päivää sitten
The diaper dress is actually called a leotard
Vedika S
Vedika S 2 päivää sitten
I cant stop watching this
Yusef Edwards prevention's
Yusef Edwards prevention's 2 päivää sitten
Sandy Olson
Sandy Olson 2 päivää sitten
Your doing a great job
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles 2 päivää sitten
Btw the "diaper dress" is called a leotard xD
FreeFireInsider 122
FreeFireInsider 122 2 päivää sitten
10% alcohol 30% cringe 60% talent
Alie Patchik
Alie Patchik 2 päivää sitten
Joel looks like those wacky inflatable arm men you see at car lots when he's dancing
Jilja Hashib
Jilja Hashib 2 päivää sitten
I know these dance
Jilja Hashib
Jilja Hashib 2 päivää sitten
I didn't na...
Dylan Varghese
Dylan Varghese 2 päivää sitten
This is so wried and funny and Cringing 😂😂😂😂😂 but you did well roomie I am impressed 🙂🙂🙂😍🥰😘 love you bye bye best youtuber in the world
Gatcha life qween Anaya
Gatcha life qween Anaya 2 päivää sitten
Joel stop embarrassing yourself man 4:03 The whole video I was laughing!
Thanja Barthel
Thanja Barthel 2 päivää sitten
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 This is so awkward and cringe worthy which at the same time makes it so very cute 🤣😅 Roomie, I love you for it! ❤️😁
Ishitha Maria Suraj
Ishitha Maria Suraj 2 päivää sitten
I finally found someone that's a worse dancer than I
Felicity Spinoza
Felicity Spinoza 3 päivää sitten
I love how Joel just gives up in the middle of the video and just appreciate the dancers
#1 p!nk fan
#1 p!nk fan 3 päivää sitten
sooooooooo cringe ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😂🤣😂🤣
MJ degreat0
MJ degreat0 3 päivää sitten
Everyone:I learned how to do the cha cha slide at school! Me:😳.....nope
Click_ Bryan
Click_ Bryan 3 päivää sitten
Y will give you a 30
Warner1929 3 päivää sitten
I literally stood up and danced once I heard Cha Cha Slide. 💕 I'd love to teach you it Roomie. 😁
Anna Rose Tittonis
Anna Rose Tittonis 3 päivää sitten
oh my god
Hamza Auf
Hamza Auf 3 päivää sitten
I feel bad for you 😭😭😭😭😭😢
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 3 päivää sitten
It bothers me greatly that it’s mirrored; it looks worse than it actually is as a result. Editor could have easily flipped Joel or the original dancer.
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 3 päivää sitten
This is too good. I will watch this whenever I need cheering up. You’re saving lives Joel! It’s totally worth the humiliation.
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 3 päivää sitten
‘Diaper dress’ 😂 = leotard, but often these days it’s just a diaper bottom.
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 3 päivää sitten
Your veganism is showing.
I don’t know Man
I don’t know Man 3 päivää sitten
With how often he mentions this video, it’s surprising that it doesn’t have more views.
Filip Jeziorski
Filip Jeziorski 3 päivää sitten
Allison Lopez
Allison Lopez 3 päivää sitten
I was waiting for the cupid shuffle 🤣
Riley Beth
Riley Beth 3 päivää sitten
Is it just me or does he not look like cole sprouts a little bit
AnimeRlife 3 päivää sitten
Hope I was not the only one feeling strange looking at Joel's legs and realising he has a whole body
Crystal Fernandez Borja
Crystal Fernandez Borja 3 päivää sitten
OMG Joel I was laughing the whole time😂 Everything is so cutee crushiiiee, you're making me happy as always💙 I can't stop laughing my mother would say I'm crazy because Im the only one who's laughing here and it's 3am in PH time😂 Iloveyou Joel, you did a great job! The willingness to learn is there! 101/100 for effort!
Vaastu Gupta
Vaastu Gupta 3 päivää sitten
roomie, i wanted to dance with you but ugh!!! i was shitting
Emma Ross
Emma Ross 3 päivää sitten
i did beter dancing woching the sog not the trtotl
Emma Ross
Emma Ross 3 päivää sitten
i dancs
anthony birmingham
anthony birmingham 3 päivää sitten
I love his dancing skills 🤠
I cant handle it! it's too awkward! PLEASE!!!!
Taryn's galaxy
Taryn's galaxy 3 päivää sitten
guys pause at 4:11
Just Jai
Just Jai 3 päivää sitten
*Poor Roomie*
Just Jai
Just Jai 3 päivää sitten
4:09 LMFAO
bella -Jacksonfangirl-MJ
bella -Jacksonfangirl-MJ 3 päivää sitten
Imani Mwangi
Imani Mwangi 3 päivää sitten
I don’t hate his dance moves because I am a fridge as well. It’s just that he is unique in his dance moves. 😀:)
AraigumaCheez 3 päivää sitten
Their called a Lui tuck I think it’s spelled correctly
David Cubar
David Cubar 3 päivää sitten
This is joel’s most enjoyable video ever 😃😃🥰🥰
michael jackson
michael jackson 3 päivää sitten
U rock the thriller dance LMAO I'm joking
Marvin Timke
Marvin Timke 3 päivää sitten
You forgot the doom dance by candlemass xD
Satamrit Kaur
Satamrit Kaur 3 päivää sitten
This makes me cringe so bad 😂😂
Ash Dawg
Ash Dawg 4 päivää sitten
i remember I was at a party once and watch me whip came on, and cuz it was drilled into my brain from doing the dance at school (the slide man as well) I started dancing, which caused a bunch of friends to follow and join me. my mom was pretty shocked that I knew the dance and thought it was really cool.
NeNe 4 päivää sitten
MORE!!!! This is is so funny! I love it!!!! Great job Joel!!! You did great on Nae Nae but I really wanted to see you do the stinky leg! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Weirdo Girl
The Weirdo Girl 4 päivää sitten
4:11 Lol
Bobosmodernlife 4 päivää sitten
Joel, don’t worry, I did street dancing for a year and I still suck 😂
Grimmm Reappperrr
Grimmm Reappperrr 4 päivää sitten
He should learn an Ateez or BTS dance
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