Singers' Dumbest Moments

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These are the moments that will always stay in these singers' minds!
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Kaden Rivera
Kaden Rivera 3 tuntia sitten
they showed her a sousaphone...
gg329 3 päivää sitten
That last one said it was Shakira not Taylor swift but idk :/
KICKIN COUSINS 5 päivää sitten
Miley Cyrus sounds like she drank way to much apple juice
Harvé Jim
Harvé Jim 7 päivää sitten
Sma fa
Sma fa 7 päivää sitten
When you watch a video for its thumbnail but it's not in the video itself
Sma fa
Sma fa 7 päivää sitten
Katy Perry one was the best
PaprikaLP 7 päivää sitten
I loved the mug one because that's just how awkward I imagine I'd be in front of cameras
Samantha Charlton
Samantha Charlton 8 päivää sitten
I thought it was "fal-ann-thruh-pik"
Samantha Charlton
Samantha Charlton 8 päivää sitten
"I like mugs because they're very comfortable in your hand" = "April 25th, because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket"
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar 8 päivää sitten
NDT becomes so sarcastically condescending when he smells a dumb person in his midst.
Sophia Morse
Sophia Morse 10 päivää sitten
miley was just being a teenager
Aims theshels
Aims theshels 10 päivää sitten
I think people should learn continents😂tired of people calling Africa a country
Summer Hart
Summer Hart 11 päivää sitten
Justin was being such an idiot
Layla Williams
Layla Williams 11 päivää sitten
My brain cells are dying.
shahzada afaq
shahzada afaq 11 päivää sitten
Why cringe why
shahzada afaq
shahzada afaq 11 päivää sitten
Why cringe why
and i oop-
and i oop- 14 päivää sitten
wdym you love k*nye? 😭
TheGoofyDino 17 päivää sitten
Yeah Taylor loves to embrace being awkward I think that definitely makes her have more of a personality and character
Élodie Méfret (The Green Faerie)
Élodie Méfret (The Green Faerie) 18 päivää sitten
Why am I watching this?😆
Jessi Dawkins
Jessi Dawkins 18 päivää sitten
how the hell do u make a joke about starving children
Jessi Dawkins
Jessi Dawkins 18 päivää sitten
the next time will be in the after life
Jessi Dawkins
Jessi Dawkins 18 päivää sitten
the fish is very popular out there in africa though she said japan lmao
Jessi Dawkins
Jessi Dawkins 18 päivää sitten
the guy said how many continents r there not list them
Jessi Dawkins
Jessi Dawkins 18 päivää sitten
back when justin did dumb
PFluff_42 19 päivää sitten
I loved Taylor's Shakira impression in that SNL skit. I think everyone is a little cringey on SNL but it's what makes it work.
T6ku 19 päivää sitten
Was Miley high
Ezra 19 päivää sitten
The first one was more of the interviewer's cringe moment than Ariana's.
lilystyles_vol.6 19 päivää sitten
poor ari she’s so young there but i wouldn’t have got it either at that age lmao
Erik Rexmari
Erik Rexmari 20 päivää sitten
Girl doesn't know what a tuba is and they show her a sousaphone?
Ruud Zwart
Ruud Zwart 21 päivä sitten
Is Justin Bieber related to Jim Carrey?
Akshay Sriram
Akshay Sriram 23 päivää sitten
The eye part at the start was weird tho
Swarali Apte
Swarali Apte 24 päivää sitten
Demi was actually joking its funny though
Link linc Doodlebug
Link linc Doodlebug 24 päivää sitten
name 3 things that are hairy
PolarPlays 24 päivää sitten
Justin Bieber is dumber than my parakeet
Philip Eh 30
Philip Eh 30 24 päivää sitten
is miley drunk
judith grieser
judith grieser 25 päivää sitten
i am german and i am feeling mobbed from judtin bieber :( whats german and he forgot europe
judith grieser
judith grieser 16 päivää sitten
@L M i also dont like justin bieber
L M 16 päivää sitten
Same kinda, well i don't like him but still
Emanuel Kokovics
Emanuel Kokovics 25 päivää sitten
I saw the Miley Cyrus part once, too cringe, had to skip it now!!
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie 26 päivää sitten
if we're being honest Taylor Swift is dumb in a funny way. It makes her easy to love. But she's also very smart dont get me wrong
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie 26 päivää sitten
This dang deer is literally a meme among us swifties
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 27 päivää sitten
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 27 päivää sitten
Dish can be equivalent to ware from kitchen. FOOD IS MUCH SIMPLER TO ASK. gahd DISH CAN BE MEAN DIFFERENT. ugh i like mugs 😂🤣👌🏼
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 27 päivää sitten
US!! WE TALK ABOUT CONTINENTS. Whas yow prohbwem aye
Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대 27 päivää sitten
Ohmygaaahd SERIOUSLY. GERMAN??? Ugh that's sad man 😂🤣🤣
Eleanor SALETA
Eleanor SALETA 27 päivää sitten
Ahhh Justin Have u heard of Oceania? I live there
Aditi Tandon Unique One
Aditi Tandon Unique One 27 päivää sitten
P4rZzZz 29 päivää sitten
My mom : Hey son what you want for dinner tonight? me: "Uhmm I prefer forks with a plate and 1 glass mom"
Paisley jones
Paisley jones 29 päivää sitten
What musician dosnt know what a tuba is, and I play Baritone ://
Kayla Bultena
Kayla Bultena Uukausi sitten
I’m a Minnesotan and I do not sound like that
Kevin's Carnivores And Other Weird Plants
Kevin's Carnivores And Other Weird Plants Uukausi sitten
I think the mariah carey thing was her reading off a teleprompter and sounding out the word Philanthropic, which she didnt know at the time. That is my understanding of the situation. Then she gets embarrassed and tries to justify not knowing the word
Alisa Ong
Alisa Ong Uukausi sitten
I wanna ask Joel where he got inspiration for the beginning of the video lol
Don Reymo
Don Reymo Uukausi sitten
joel:If there's one celebrity who embraces their cringiness and makes it look good its taylor swift. BTS:Are we a joke to you.
TANA H Uukausi sitten
Roomie's dumb moment.... *Calls fork a dish*
Karrissa Bankston
Karrissa Bankston Uukausi sitten
Demi could have known what she meant. She just like eating mugs and het coffee and tea are just sauce. SoOoOoOo.
Liba Uukausi sitten
What I do to my enemy 👧🏻🤛🏻👧🏻🤛🏻👧🏻🤛🏻👧🏻🤛🏻👧🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻
Eva J. Rydrychová
Eva J. Rydrychová Uukausi sitten
asia africa north and south america antarctica europe australia
lets ficks
lets ficks Uukausi sitten
Not to defend Justin, but I think it was the phrasing. The guy paused in a weird spot and I don't think he got what the question was.
Molly-Beth Naimer
Molly-Beth Naimer Uukausi sitten
Uhhh, what about hot chocolat ,. Helllloooooo!! Who doesn’t have/like hot choocolat chocolllaaaaaaaatttteee! Haha heehe hehe I do t know what’s wrong with me eee. That rhymes sort of . I don’t know it’s a song now if it doesn’t rhyme amd) it is even if it does Terhune. Now )
Molly-Beth Naimer
Molly-Beth Naimer Uukausi sitten
Thank yoouu ....... ?????? ! ! ??? !!! .
Mrs. Agreste
Mrs. Agreste Uukausi sitten
Death and stuff?!
Liela Sherf
Liela Sherf Uukausi sitten
That Justin Bieber thing was confusing he said “ Is German for basketball true or false?” Like what! They way he said it was weird.
Liela Sherf
Liela Sherf Uukausi sitten
Nobody else learned the Content song?
Lola Jane
Lola Jane Uukausi sitten
I live in Minnesota and No one sounds like that 👾
Man United07
Man United07 Uukausi sitten
For Demi Lovato's, I heard "I like BUGS because they're comfortable in my hands." I was like-- WHAT?!
Ash Dawg
Ash Dawg Uukausi sitten
Today I learned that I relate to smol Justin 😌
DJ KamZ Uukausi sitten
yeah, i mean, wth is a "softy" guy?
Castify Uukausi sitten
I don’t want 4 eyes
Sia Uukausi sitten
he looks like jack black in the thumbnail ngl
Časlav Vladisavljević
Časlav Vladisavljević Uukausi sitten
bad guy or bald guy
Emerson Fazio
Emerson Fazio Uukausi sitten
Well I love the socks for $14 omg
Arianne Vas
Arianne Vas Uukausi sitten
The last Taylor video was an SNL skit. Obv it would be funny
Zowi and Luigi
Zowi and Luigi Uukausi sitten
I say Phil-lanthrow-pick
Charli Ishmael
Charli Ishmael Uukausi sitten
pink shark
pink shark Uukausi sitten
ty i love 4 eys :)
Keisha B
Keisha B Uukausi sitten
Kinda random but,I just googled roomieofficial to find out Joel's full name and it turns out he's 32?!Dang,he looks at least 24 :')
BOSS BERNIE Uukausi sitten
I heard gay or stray
Alexandra Paraschiv
Alexandra Paraschiv Uukausi sitten
Awww Taylor is sooo sweet❤❤❤
Merel Uukausi sitten
Ray Phelan
Ray Phelan Uukausi sitten
Now we know Miley Cyrus being insane is not a recent thing
JKR Gaming
JKR Gaming Uukausi sitten
"Is germen from basketball" this q is wrong😂
LYCANSS999 Uukausi sitten
You saved the best for last. Swift trying to mock Shakira, what a cringy joke.
edmund strunkis
edmund strunkis Uukausi sitten
Oh Taylor Swift, the only thing more annoying than a Minnesota accent is someone WITHOUT a Minnesota accent IMITATING one!!! ffs lol
Advita Arora
Advita Arora Uukausi sitten
I love me some mugs 😂😅✌️😂😂
Egg Man
Egg Man Uukausi sitten
DaScott Parasram
DaScott Parasram Uukausi sitten
The dish one is not embarrassing. We normally refer to Utensils as Dishes in British Language.
Necromancer14 Uukausi sitten
lol why did roomie give us a couple of saurons for eyes.
Lilou Hollebeke-Artana
Lilou Hollebeke-Artana Uukausi sitten
M'y god Justin Bieber doesnt Know all the 7 continents Yup North pole of course
net flix
net flix Uukausi sitten
Taylor looks different here
Prameela Chatterjee
Prameela Chatterjee Uukausi sitten
Paulina Carlisle
Paulina Carlisle Uukausi sitten
Mariah wishes for the willpower of starving children ....
blackygreen92 Uukausi sitten
I mean... Shake it off is taylor 100% beong cringe
Ovaes Lucius
Ovaes Lucius Uukausi sitten
Having 2 Eyes of Sauron on me would have been really nice though
Pranjal Bodha
Pranjal Bodha Uukausi sitten
Why tf any of the 1d boys are here? They are living memes I swear. Especially Liam-
danis k
danis k Uukausi sitten
1:%5 - Justin Beiber got wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much shit for basically everything. I remember when hating him was just the norm and it depresses me
Nia Uukausi sitten
Ariana can even do the dumbest things angelically 😅👍🏻
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Uukausi sitten
When they asked Justin Bieber if "bieber" was German for basketball, he thought he was addressing him as Bieber: "Justin.... Bieber, is German for basketball?" And then just kept saying "Is German for basketball?" lmao I would have been confused too if I thought someone was saying my name.
Ryan Sims
Ryan Sims Uukausi sitten
I think Miley is tripping
Haley's Comet
Haley's Comet Uukausi sitten
Okay, heads up: I don't scroll through comments for hours, so I have no clue if this has been brought up already... When saying "straight man," you could be saying one of two things: 1) a heterosexual male OR 2) a person who maintains composure, even in the face of ridiculous situations; typically displaying little to no emotion Now, definition 2 typically refers to a fictional stock character--but I think THAT is what the interviewer was referring to.
Nadezhda Zerfas
Nadezhda Zerfas Uukausi sitten
"ThIs dAnG dEeR" This is why I love Taylor Swift
I Love Elephants
I Love Elephants Uukausi sitten
You did Taylor dirty with the thumbnail, just gotta say. An iconic moment, but still.
idiot Uukausi sitten
7:42 that a sousaphone not a tuba
Efe Yaman
Efe Yaman Uukausi sitten
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