Singers with PERFECT PITCH singing OUT OF TUNE

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":
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Do singers with PERFECT PITCH sing out of tune?
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JennyApostolos 23 tuntia sitten
Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)
Libor Mačát
Libor Mačát Päivä sitten
I wouldn't tolerate autotune live, real singers wouldn't do that
Pain Less
Pain Less Päivä sitten
I think Joel is easily impressed by vocal runs.
Timothee Andy Lee
Timothee Andy Lee 3 päivää sitten
Mariah's perfect pitch actually portrait through her ability to ROAST her background singers to a crisp She has nodules so it's pretty hard for her to keep her perfect pitch in singing sometimes, but don't even think you did a wrong note without her give you "the look"
Kirsten Holder
Kirsten Holder 4 päivää sitten
I may have perfect pitch...but that could be my imagination.
Hack successful
Hack successful 7 päivää sitten
I think it’s crack. Her secret weapon is crack.
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 7 päivää sitten
“Do singers with perfect pitch sing out of tune?” Yes, but I hate it more when someone else sings out of tune. At least when I’m the one doing it, I can shut my mouth and not have to listen to it anymore. No but in all seriousness I know this is a joke, but I’ll give you an honest answer anyway. I personally don’t tend to sing out of tune but that’s because I’ve always had pretty decent control over my vocal chords (I was born relatively ‘talented’ at singing). I think even if I didn’t have perfect pitch (btw I didn’t know I had perfect pitch when I realized I could sing. I found out I had it at around 16 years old), I think I could’ve sung in tune. Anyone can hear something and then hum it in the same pitch, that’s not difficult to do. It’s not enough to have perfect pitch, you have to have control over your vocal chords in order to sing in tune. However, it does, in my experience, highly assist in maintaining correct intonation. 6:53 Everyone has pseudo-perfect pitch, Joel.
Kannon Burnham
Kannon Burnham 10 päivää sitten
what is the abbreviation for perfect pitch >:)
Billie Comeaux
Billie Comeaux 12 päivää sitten
Also considering that Hendrix was infamous for putting hits of acid in his headband so he would get high when he would sweat onstage. So many tremendous talents that died/or wasted their abilities, like Hendrix and Whitney Houston. Toward the end of her life her voice was almost unusable due smoking and crack, so sad.
Cidney Irving Pasamante
Cidney Irving Pasamante 13 päivää sitten
even if i can only hear joel's voice, i can still imagine what he would look like when he talks
Niklas Steen
Niklas Steen 13 päivää sitten
Perfect pitch isint that when you can say what notes it is also? Not only resing a note when you only heard it ones?
CDSS 14 päivää sitten
Does recreating with a whistle count as perfect pitch XD
Worldwaker 14 päivää sitten
Dan Avidan from Game Grumps and NSP has perfect pitch 👌
Miss A
Miss A 14 päivää sitten
Your camera freezes or dies way too often. Dude i really think u need to get it fixed or get a new one. IDK about everyone else, but For me, when a video start with the person in it and you enjoy thier reactions and facial expressions if they suddenly disappeare from the video it's a no for me, i just can't keep watching. Applaud the editor's great job at making your mouth move perfectly every time but still i couldn't watch more than like 2 minutes
Evelyn Lily
Evelyn Lily 14 päivää sitten
Things I don't know what to do with. 1) I saw TwoSet and I got way too excited about it. 2) Even after the camera froze, I could vividly imagine exactly what Joel was doing. Because that's how many of his videos I've been bingewatching recently. Yay lol
lena michelle mendoza
lena michelle mendoza 14 päivää sitten
more comentaries on Whitney please :)
Daheixiong 15 päivää sitten
You can have perfect pitch AND have a bad vocal control. It's actually just tends to be that kids with perfect pitch get exposed VERY early to ear and piano training. SO most likely relative pitch. My son has what i think is relative pitch, so when he sings something and I play it wrong by one note he gets upset because he can here that half/whole step.
Daheixiong 15 päivää sitten
Bro, Victor Wooten is THE absolutely most insane concert ive ever seen.
Nelzon Blaze
Nelzon Blaze 15 päivää sitten
Is this good pitch SING-OFF TIKTOK SONGS Part III (Papi Chulo, Pota Pota, Terpesona) vs Mirriam Eka
Who damn Cares
Who damn Cares 15 päivää sitten
I still don’t understand what perfect pitch is exactly? Like to me that sounds like normal singing..? Is perfect pitch being able to recreate the precise instrumental note they’re doing?
Who damn Cares
Who damn Cares 15 päivää sitten
I like how almost all of them move their hand while singing Lmao.
Everyone has an opinion
Everyone has an opinion 16 päivää sitten
Jacob Collier seems like everyone of us, but for some reason people are listening to his 'vocal talent'
Devil Bird
Devil Bird 16 päivää sitten
He’s more emotional and passionate when he hears r&b/gospel I wonder why he sticks to pop instead..
offiiffo 16 päivää sitten
Shakira could sing so off tune that she'd sing Waka Waka to the tune of Ojos así and I'd be still entranced and in love since she's just a great great singer
Dash10 Gamez
Dash10 Gamez 16 päivää sitten
This was posted when I was watching ur videos me be like JOIN NOW MUST BE FIRST
Miss Dire
Miss Dire 16 päivää sitten
Joel Kermit was FANTASTIC!
anushkaozah 16 päivää sitten
Charlie don't use auto tune
PurpleHairedGirl 16 päivää sitten
Day 69 of asking Roomie to do a collab with Shuba
Lloyd Latonio
Lloyd Latonio 17 päivää sitten
Hi, your fan hereee!!! Could you please react to ms. Morissette Amon of the Philippines. I believe she has a perfect pitch too. Thanks! 💘
Yesith Graydon
Yesith Graydon 17 päivää sitten
In my music class we were In grade 6 and we just started learning how to play some John Denver songs. We were doing leaving on a jet plane and I was with a kid that is really musical and we started singing and he said oh sh*t u have perfect pitch I totally pretended that I knew what it meant
Golden Goalie
Golden Goalie 17 päivää sitten
Come onnnnn Charlie is amazing I love u mr.puth
Lara Soares Matos
Lara Soares Matos 17 päivää sitten
Just that you know: On Sunday 4th April, The Vamps released a music video for their song "Would You" from their album "Cherry Blossom" from 2020, you could watch, I'm sure it's gonna be amazing🤩🤩🌸🙃
Lara Soares Matos
Lara Soares Matos 17 päivää sitten
Listen to "Married In Vegas" by The Vamps. It's a really great song and I would like to hear your opinion🌸
Lara Soares Matos
Lara Soares Matos 17 päivää sitten
Joel I would love to see your reaction to the british Band "The Vamps". They have some hits like "All Night" ft. Matoma "Somebody To You" ft. Demi Lovato and "Just My Type but they also released there fifth album "Cherry Blossom" on October and it has AMAZING songs... just an idea🙃🌸🌸
SabineFee 18 päivää sitten
Why bleeping out the word breasts?
Coen Watt
Coen Watt 18 päivää sitten
Hey man I have an iq of at least 140 or maybe even over
serge star
serge star 18 päivää sitten
Roomy u are awesome . I love u bro ! Like a bro .
Daniel Andres Racines Jerves
Daniel Andres Racines Jerves 18 päivää sitten
You should check аида николайчук, she's amazing
Crystal Newman
Crystal Newman 18 päivää sitten
Mark Hoelscher
Mark Hoelscher 18 päivää sitten
Yeah. I found out when I was going for my music degree that I can easily identify correct pitches within a few.cents, but I couldn't carry a tune singing if you put it in a bucket for me. As an instrumental musician, it does make it much easier to pitch and tune notes on wind.jnstruments, though.
Jeannine Zelaya
Jeannine Zelaya 18 päivää sitten
my dad does not sound good in high notes xD
Jeannine Zelaya
Jeannine Zelaya 18 päivää sitten
my dad has a relative pitch, he gets it right ALL the time, but with A reference note
Oceana 18 päivää sitten
14:16 whueet
NRMblessed 18 päivää sitten
“Music for musicians” made me think of this band called Vulfpeck. They’re definitely not mainstream lol
Naked Strawberry
Naked Strawberry 19 päivää sitten
I freaking love joel's editors they always give the video a little something extra. I like seeing joel's reaction to stuff though so sad face about that.
[GD] JaydenB118
[GD] JaydenB118 19 päivää sitten
I love Charlie so freaking much
ángel vidal
ángel vidal 19 päivää sitten
For what i know, Jacob Collier doesn't have perfect pitch, his mother does tho
Joseph Jin
Joseph Jin 19 päivää sitten
18:12 I had no idea this was a Frank Sinatra song. All I remember was that it was the Eva ed
Sophie Milich
Sophie Milich 19 päivää sitten
Joel what the frick happened to your hat
Jennifer Wettervik
Jennifer Wettervik 19 päivää sitten
I also have that ”pseudo absolute pitch”! I actually find it hard to sing a song that I know well in the wrong pitch, it makes my brain icky
Isaac McBurney
Isaac McBurney 19 päivää sitten
I'm blind, and a lot of my blind friends who are very good at music, myself included. I know an attest to the perfect pinch thing.
ATH Gumball
ATH Gumball 19 päivää sitten
Why so sus roomie? 0:03 just leave it paused
Isabela Alves
Isabela Alves 19 päivää sitten
Can we just appreciate the fact that the editor worked harder than ever with all the images/references to make us forget about frozen Joel and enjoy the video?
Mercedes Peluffo
Mercedes Peluffo 19 päivää sitten
Why is this edited like that?
A_Nerd_Who_Creates 19 päivää sitten
It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that Joel wasn't on a camera and was just a photo.
Matilde Jara
Matilde Jara 19 päivää sitten
The editor putting Joel's mouth to move up and down because Joel's camera froze, that gave me soo many memories of old videos of Joel. I'm a big fan of him so I can remember clearly how it was before. I met Joel by watching his impressions videos and I loved his videos and now since then I've been watching his daily videos every single day. I'm a big fan!
Bang me Chan
Bang me Chan 19 päivää sitten
Charlie Puth is my favorite actor on cornhub
salt 盐
salt 盐 20 päivää sitten
so joel’s a south park canadian now huh
The Laggy Linguini
The Laggy Linguini 20 päivää sitten
This is just an advert for his merch, and I'm not complaining!
Brandon 20 päivää sitten
is it true that blind people have enhanced hearing senses?
Shadow Darkus
Shadow Darkus 20 päivää sitten
0:03 ... ;) I SWEAR WHY AM I SO AHHH-
Aurelia S
Aurelia S 20 päivää sitten
I'd love to see Joel react to postmodern jukebox seven nation army it gives me chill I freaking love it and "if happy was by Billie eilish" is crazy good pls watch it
Jeremy Reyes
Jeremy Reyes 20 päivää sitten
Wasn’t Mariah’s performance of My All during Diva’s Live in 1998?
Whakapono Te Tau
Whakapono Te Tau 20 päivää sitten
The very first music video I saw of Adam Neely (thank you Joel for introducing me to his channel 😍), was ‘Why you DON’T want perfect pitch’.. wonder if Joel has seen it 🤔 BTW, so sad Joel’s camera froze, I agree his reactions would’ve been great to see 💔
Darrianne Spires
Darrianne Spires 20 päivää sitten
Proof Joel moved to South Park
Yui Op
Yui Op 20 päivää sitten
I disagree with joel's autotune thing with Charlie cause even you can find Clips of Charlie in which he is singing only with his phone microphone
Yui Op
Yui Op 20 päivää sitten
Charlie is best
ConnorK 20 päivää sitten
Joel seems a little off today, it could just be me though
Jenni C
Jenni C 20 päivää sitten
Classic Joel Listening to perfect pitch .. "She said doody" .
CompiCon 20 päivää sitten
Day 45 of asking Roomie to react to NF
Bobbi Sun
Bobbi Sun 20 päivää sitten
Jacob Collier's style does nothing for me at all.
Bobbi Sun
Bobbi Sun 20 päivää sitten
My singing is in a church choir, and I have more tonal memory than perfect pitch. However, I have sang next to people with perfect pitch. The one's that I knew hated it when someone near them was off. I was able to tune the person out, but my friend could not.
Brandon Hart
Brandon Hart 20 päivää sitten
thought joel moved to LA not canada
Stephen Rossi
Stephen Rossi 20 päivää sitten
Gotta love Canadian flappy head roomie in this video. 😅
Dark Crow
Dark Crow 20 päivää sitten
Hats off to you editor. Thats some good animation and jokes editing. (o^▽^o)
Addie Zielinski
Addie Zielinski 20 päivää sitten
You might have done this already, but could you do singers impressions of other singers???
Ashley Busch
Ashley Busch 20 päivää sitten
Having perfect pitch is great until there are people and/or instruments around you that are horrendously out of tune lmao, then it’s ear torture
Briana Istre
Briana Istre 20 päivää sitten
I didn’t know Joel was Canadian.
sweetlikecandy *ೃ
sweetlikecandy *ೃ 20 päivää sitten
do songs with food names!!!!
Wronda Lamando
Wronda Lamando 20 päivää sitten
How can someone have "perfect pitch" yet still be "a wittle bit pitchy" There's a little irony there
Harshita Bharadwaj
Harshita Bharadwaj 20 päivää sitten
Stevie Wonder and Ravindra Jain sare like two sides of one coin. Legends.
RuNa 20 päivää sitten
Lily 20 päivää sitten
A *peeinist* Lol
Frederik Juul
Frederik Juul 20 päivää sitten
my little brother has it... i would love to have it to but at least he can tell me if I am of
RagingFox29 20 päivää sitten
The camera froze at a good time imagine if the camera froze when he sneezed or something
Lia Broker
Lia Broker 20 päivää sitten
Charlie has to forcefully use autotune because Charlie he has said before that he gets a heartattack when he doens't hit the right note. So he uses autotune almost everyone. He has said multiple times on interviews and live streams etc that how much autotune helped him feel better about him.
Janna 20 päivää sitten
Ella Fitzgerald was such an amazing musician
Mark Riley
Mark Riley 20 päivää sitten
Confused why the editor turned you suddenly into one of those Canadians from South Park..but okay..
Rebecca Stadie
Rebecca Stadie 20 päivää sitten
Perfect pitch is no guarantee for flawless singing. Please understand that. We all trip up sometimes.
Xavier Pro
Xavier Pro 20 päivää sitten
See Indian male and female classical singers. They are always perfect
Steven 20 päivää sitten
I thought having perfect pitch ment that you could hear a note and know when someone is flat and sharp and which note it is. I never thought it was someone who could hit the note all the time.
Baby Quinn
Baby Quinn 20 päivää sitten
Shakira "Je l'aime à mourir " cover is really great
Loris Imbarrato
Loris Imbarrato 20 päivää sitten
Sorry to say joel but you've been calling so many people pitchy in this video that I had to buy all of your merch :'( but seriously try opening your mind to a pitchy note ON PURPOSE now and then ;)
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares 20 päivää sitten
Joel knows Dirty Loops? Talk about them please!
Destiny Williams
Destiny Williams 20 päivää sitten
Day 37 of asking Joel to watch Hamilton
Gaming with DANISH
Gaming with DANISH 20 päivää sitten
Hey roomie, why not to react on indian songs. You will be amazed how much that we have in our country.
Izabela.musial 20 päivää sitten
Great video! I am classical musician and I have perfect pitch too. Hearing and recreating are two different things, sometimes it happens that I might play some notes out of tune and I’m definitely very sensitive and aware when it comes to playing with other musicians in orchestra.
PhotoArts Partistic
PhotoArts Partistic 21 päivä sitten
Every like counts 👍
PhotoArts Partistic
PhotoArts Partistic 21 päivä sitten
And every subscription to roomie is officially awesome See what I did there ehehhehe
BirdDana 21 päivä sitten
Honestly, I think the odd voice crack in a live performance is so wholesome. It humanizes them
Zowie Beale
Zowie Beale 21 päivä sitten
Hey RoomieOfficial! Look in to other celebrities calling out Stevie Wonder for not being blind lol. So I wouldn't be so quick to put his perfect pitch down to that xxxx
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