songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity

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Are you in the 99,9% or the 0,01%?!!
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songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity
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Pinkpixy Lady
Pinkpixy Lady 28 minuuttia sitten
The classic rock channels would like a word about your take on guitar solos not standing the test of time. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Aerosmith, etc have been around for decades and their music is known for killer riffs and solos. Just look at Van Halen.
HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE Tunti sitten
I only know pumped-up kicks cuz of Dancing Triangle 😂😂
Joseph Rakowski
Joseph Rakowski 3 tuntia sitten
Teo Vezmar
Teo Vezmar 3 tuntia sitten
I cannot forgive him for not liking dusk till dawn. I'm sorry
Braxton Mitchell-Anyon
Braxton Mitchell-Anyon 3 tuntia sitten
Yo Ed sheerans photograph song makes me get emotional.
Heyop 4 tuntia sitten
Wait who was the guy who was “real joel” i dont know who he is lol
Tanisha Padarath
Tanisha Padarath 4 tuntia sitten
And Dusk till dawn
Tanisha Padarath
Tanisha Padarath 4 tuntia sitten
And get lucky
Tanisha Padarath
Tanisha Padarath 4 tuntia sitten
Joel how do u not like On the floor,Hips don't lie, Rolling in the deep and Love the way u lie
Samuel ??????
Samuel ?????? 5 tuntia sitten
I’m so mad about get lucky
_Alise Putekle_
_Alise Putekle_ 6 tuntia sitten
Roomie: *dislikes dusk till dawn* Me: ... your carrer is over
Angelic_Ocean 7 tuntia sitten
Hold up, he put rolling in the deep on 0.1%-
klskl1 10 tuntia sitten
hey until you have stood in the window watching Rihanna leave you can't say shiiieet, pane hurts
Jane Oates
Jane Oates 11 tuntia sitten
Joel obviously wasn’t old enough to be in the club when these songs were liked by 99.9% of ppl 😂
Not Claire
Not Claire 11 tuntia sitten
I don't know what I would do if he didn't put 'john legend- all of me' in good songs :P
Dorie Bunch
Dorie Bunch 11 tuntia sitten
I spend more time watching roomie then I do with my family
Galaxy LynxZ
Galaxy LynxZ 13 tuntia sitten
Me: likes a song Joel: NO!!
Bertie Geering
Bertie Geering 13 tuntia sitten
Me who liked all the songs
Rea Kabi
Rea Kabi 14 tuntia sitten
I'm sorry what! Dusk till Dawn is the best!!!
Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee 15 tuntia sitten
Ok I'm sorry but I agree with Joel on all the songs. Except Hips don't lie.
Ben Priest
Ben Priest 15 tuntia sitten
Idon't like get lucky becuase of Willaims' vocals. I like it becuase it's daft punk and nile fricking rogers
Roblox Player
Roblox Player 16 tuntia sitten
Reasons why I have the song mama mia My name is Mia I break bones easier than other ppl Some ppl say mama mia here we go again My Spanish teacher calls me mama mia I HATE IT
Zairrah Murtaza
Zairrah Murtaza 16 tuntia sitten
Its kind of strange to me why Joel didn't put 'Dusk Till Dawn' on the other side. Its such an amazing song though.
Jake Sedgwick
Jake Sedgwick 16 tuntia sitten
For me there where only a one point difference but 99.9 won
sceneQunne rawr
sceneQunne rawr 20 tuntia sitten
i hate every song on this but thriller pumped up kicks and bohemian rhapsody
glitterbunny 20 tuntia sitten
We said "no" to J.Lo at the same time!
Shawn Caton
Shawn Caton 21 tunti sitten
I only disliked 7 of them.
Ihaka Namana
Ihaka Namana 22 tuntia sitten
5:48 *how could you say something so controversial yet so brave?*
isak saner
isak saner 23 tuntia sitten
No offence rommie but It Wasnet Me is a pretty good song
Joshua Laney
Joshua Laney Päivä sitten
I can’t listen to Viva la vida now without hearing fallen kingdom lol
Jamee Zielke
Jamee Zielke Päivä sitten
I also do not like Hey Ya. I feel so alone.
Elenor Noonan
Elenor Noonan Päivä sitten
ME: DONT YOU DO ON THE FLOOR BY JLO AND PITBULL LIKE THAT Joel: I’m going to put it in the 0.1 percent anyways Me: God damn it 😭
AthenaSo Ya
AthenaSo Ya Päivä sitten
"I'm gonna out that on 0.1" Me:Joel you are getting it all wrong that's 0,1 you need a decimal point.
AthenaSo Ya
AthenaSo Ya Päivä sitten
0:51 And that's the time that I dabbed in 2021......
Emily T
Emily T Päivä sitten
I am kinda traumatised by uptown funk, here’s the story: Me and my dance school were doing a parade and we danced to that song, and we’d done some parades before and the way it usually worked was that the song would play like once every twenty minutes, but this time, our dance teacher had like one other song but it wasn’t suitable for the younger kids, and so we had to do the dance over and over and over, while following the parade IN. THE. RAIN. It had like high kicks and cartwheels and we were doin this shit over and over again. TRAUMATISED.
Shard Päivä sitten
"so pitchy" but your name is lil pitchy
Miranda Holland
Miranda Holland Päivä sitten
Michel Jackson is a Legend and his songs should be the only one in this video😃✨🤓
Santos Mejia
Santos Mejia Päivä sitten
Does he not like shakira nor Jennifer lopez nor spanish singers
OMAIRAH Päivä sitten
Thriller is number 1
Matthew Nunez
Matthew Nunez Päivä sitten
Hi Roomie and uhhh I no u but I forgot your name please don’t kill me with pianos 😅 see I no u 🙃
Matthew Nunez
Matthew Nunez Päivä sitten
Not tryin to be to much of a fan but I love u the same with you roomie I did not forget you 😅🤣🙃
Matthew Nunez
Matthew Nunez Päivä sitten
Also Opps I did it again is in two of your thumbnails
Matthew Nunez
Matthew Nunez Päivä sitten
Opps I did it again............forgetting your name
Sanyukta Ravishankar
Sanyukta Ravishankar Päivä sitten
Notice that there's no Bieber on this list... HA
Simã0_ Brawl
Simã0_ Brawl Päivä sitten
How could a music channel never talk bout Juice WRLD
FIZER Päivä sitten
Ye,i think people like it because most of them dont pay attention on how good is it or how bad the lirics are
Caramel_Delight Päivä sitten
When Hollaback came on I got a flashback of my sophomore year when my world history teacher played a parody of this called death black
David Miller
David Miller Päivä sitten
you do realize all these songs were very popular when they came out. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean the majority of pop listeners don't.
Little Grape
Little Grape Päivä sitten
12:48 Amazin idd fricking just fuck the man 😶
Jarid Arambulo
Jarid Arambulo Päivä sitten
Skylar Grey in my opinion doesn't get enough credit and her version of love the way you lie has more emotion in my opinion
Liam Wallace
Liam Wallace Päivä sitten
as soon as i heard black and white i was like-- T o d o r o k i
Kiyondo Owada
Kiyondo Owada Päivä sitten
I love boom boom boom and Its getting hot in herre!!!! I was SHOOK when he didnt like them wow... OMA AND HOLLABACK GIRL BROOOOOOOOOO
Miriam Schadtler
Miriam Schadtler Päivä sitten
Joel, jeg er 100% enig med dig. 👌😊
Cross's Cool Gaming
Cross's Cool Gaming Päivä sitten
If its all pop no
Babyface Future
Babyface Future Päivä sitten
Sense roomie liked bob marley's song I'ma start supporting him more
RAFAEL Päivä sitten
Boom Boom Boom is great Roomie you mean😭
David Wang
David Wang Päivä sitten
As somebody who hates the rap genre almost in its entirety, I can confirm that I still can’t hate Lose Yourself
mini wheat
mini wheat Päivä sitten
sooooo mad right now he insulted guitar solos
Vaughn Vanslet
Vaughn Vanslet Päivä sitten
Cmon you gotta like Nelly
v kim
v kim Päivä sitten
JLo songs are my karaoke songs to go tho ! Its good to dance to Lol
v kim
v kim Päivä sitten
Maybe, me being Asian have different popular songs around Lol
TJTiMe Päivä sitten
shitty compilation
Reee Impooproblox
Reee Impooproblox Päivä sitten
The .1 Percent of Humanity be like: I dont like.
SneakyGamer 06
SneakyGamer 06 Päivä sitten
Old songs = best songs
KissesFromKate Päivä sitten
Agree with Joel 100% on this!!! This was not a good list...
Dan Priest
Dan Priest 2 päivää sitten
Wack wack is my fafort of them all
Devon Child
Devon Child 2 päivää sitten
Really, the guitar solo thing. That’s just plain old stupid. You try and do better.
The Programming Den
The Programming Den 2 päivää sitten
I liked maybe 9 or 10 songs
Gijong Teron
Gijong Teron 2 päivää sitten
Love you so much gays,
Vicky G
Vicky G 2 päivää sitten
Welp, looks like younger days isn’t gonna be hired as an editor any time soon
funny things
funny things 2 päivää sitten
3:01 isnt that the guy from when the songs doesnt end also his taste if music sucks but his Songs are Firefox how does this work??
Zenna Wedlake
Zenna Wedlake 2 päivää sitten
I really don't like alot of these songs
Dan Hall Vlogs
Dan Hall Vlogs 2 päivää sitten
roomie should do more covers
its XED
its XED 2 päivää sitten
Even though I disagree with you the Adale one, it's okay
TyseDoesStuff 2 päivää sitten
i disagree with most of the ones that aren't rap coz i only listen to rap music.
Weepy weed Oh KURT
Weepy weed Oh KURT 2 päivää sitten
13:08 Joel: IT ANNOYS MEeEe
Alice Montserrat
Alice Montserrat 2 päivää sitten
dude i just noticed joel reminds me of rick from rick and morty so much.. they give off the exact same vibe HAHAHAHAH
TheAvenger5412 2 päivää sitten
Daniel thrasher cameo just made my day
rilke bell
rilke bell 2 päivää sitten
Am i the only one who discovered hollaback girl because of the Star Wars Just Dance? just me? okay then
Forfend 2 päivää sitten
4:30 when I ask my mom for ice cream
ayden graignic
ayden graignic 2 päivää sitten
LeDiskoLove99 2 päivää sitten
I love Nelly's Hot In here! Can't stand Poker Face personally.
CrayoneX 2 päivää sitten
Ok, joel you went too far with disliking dusk til dawn
JEmanuel Cartagena
JEmanuel Cartagena 2 päivää sitten
roomie if you saw someone ho hates michael jackson how many times would you slap said person i would slap them 7,654.987 times
MK2626 PRO
MK2626 PRO 2 päivää sitten
wym get lucky is good
Nuttchi 2 päivää sitten
i hate Outcast - Hey Ya! so this means im one of the 00.01% because of this ! And On the Floor with J.Lo is one of her worsed songs !!! ...... And If ANYONE say they donty like Queen .... ur souls is lost ! And i think the thought of this was : SONGS EVERYBODY CAN SING TO
Ninja Tv002
Ninja Tv002 2 päivää sitten
pli z god no
Xanthe Horton - Woolley
Xanthe Horton - Woolley 2 päivää sitten
But bananas is my jam!!!!!! 😟😟😟
Ian Richards
Ian Richards 2 päivää sitten
satan to the other 0.01: jst wanna say that im a huge fan
Harry M
Harry M 2 päivää sitten
Joel: Songs with solos and lots of instrumentals don't last Beat it, Bohemian Rhapstody, Steve Vai, Guns n Roses etc. Also songs with more depth tend to be better sounding than ones with less instruments, but it's the way music is made now is different. Most people in general have less attention span when listening to music, so modern music has a hook straight away, to keep attention but old music had an introduction, as after putting it to play, people would normally listen to the whole thing. If you listen to Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know, he's got a few different drum styles, the xylophone, the vocals and the chords. Then compare it to a more short-lived song or most modern songs, it will probably only have vocals and a single brim beat. The channel Thoughty2 explains it well in his video on it
Greneden 2 päivää sitten
Tomáš Čurný
Tomáš Čurný 2 päivää sitten
Waka waka s.cks
Zeinab Karimi
Zeinab Karimi 2 päivää sitten
But dusk till down is very cool song
liam clayton
liam clayton 3 päivää sitten
When Joel said Dusk Til Dawn was annoying my 1D side cried
MaJority M
MaJority M 3 päivää sitten
How Could u not like dusk till dawn smh
Aleksandra Nerandzic
Aleksandra Nerandzic 3 päivää sitten
When will you do something where is Ariana too😢
Farahen Den
Farahen Den 3 päivää sitten
12:49 next to wonder wall the most overcovered song ever. Totally ruined for me.
Dexter Van Den Bosch
Dexter Van Den Bosch 3 päivää sitten
0.1:15 99.9:34
Michael De Vitis
Michael De Vitis 3 päivää sitten
Songs in 2021: Women & money
Bonnierainbows 3 päivää sitten
Me seeing Joel’s marker thinking is that a cigarette 🚬
Marcos B
Marcos B 3 päivää sitten
hips dont lie deserves to be on the 99.9
felicia Lund
felicia Lund 3 päivää sitten
Omg do I have bad taste?? I hate over 50% of these songs. I mean jus cus I’ve heard a song many times doesn’t mean I like it!
Jeffaroo 3 päivää sitten
(Hot n cold plays) Normal people: good song 😊 weebs: Todoroki kun!?!?!
Ashley A24
Ashley A24 3 päivää sitten
“Even African Americans need to bump to this song.” Umm what is that even supposed to mean???
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