Songs You Totally Forgot About! #2

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I can't believe you forgot so many of these songs? HOW DARE YOU?!!
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Lil Pitchy - Livin' for That:
Song You Totally Forgot About! #2
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Black Sheep
Black Sheep Päivä sitten
most of these i didn't know the song and never heard it, or I heard it oh the radio and never knew the name.
MeDemiGod Päivä sitten
No one: Absolutely No one: Joel: BiKbOk
Lily Pond
Lily Pond 4 päivää sitten
12 year old me amazed by Rupert Grints singing career lol
warren hall
warren hall 4 päivää sitten
the truck in the water is from the FIpost channel whistling diesel
the shoto club
the shoto club 4 päivää sitten
Does anybody ever notice except me that Joel knows every single song like almost every song how do you do it
itz veegames
itz veegames 5 päivää sitten
i still have lost boy, superheroes, i'm gonna show you crazy, i knew you were trouble, don't wanna know, lean on, glad you came, one more night, promiscuous, tik tok in my main playlist and listen to them a lot lol.
Zyco 5 päivää sitten
Ok Joel's taste in music is a liiiiil different to that of others.
Viktoria Walsh
Viktoria Walsh 5 päivää sitten
Only 2 on the whole list I didn't know, and I didn't forget any of the ones I knew haha
Umi Is My Name
Umi Is My Name 5 päivää sitten
I remembered some of these but the edm songs were forgettable
Kjernekar 5 päivää sitten
it's kinda shocking how few songs he has actually heard:P
The savage wolf
The savage wolf 6 päivää sitten
You probably got a lot of copy right strikes but it's like your promoting their songs I added so many of these songs to my playlist
Bihexual 6 päivää sitten
I will tell u if I forgot, remembered, or never heard of each song. 1: Forgot 2. never heard of 3. Remembered 4. Forgot 5. Remembered 6. Forgot 7. Forgot 8. Never heard 9. Forgot sort of? I only remember the beat 19. Forgot 20. Remembered 21. Forgot 22. Forgot 23. Remembered 24. Remembered 25. Forgot 26. Forgot (Hated that song as well) 27. Forgot 28. Forgot (Forgot what a banger it is) 29. Remembered 30. Forgot 31. Remembered 32. Never heard of 33. Remembered 34. Remembered
A. S. Afterlife
A. S. Afterlife 6 päivää sitten
Most of these songs I didn't even know, the others I either liked but barely listened to (which was very little), the other's I didn't care for
kristenmuir80 6 päivää sitten
Fly like a cheese stick
Cas 7 päivää sitten
i knew you were trouble is specifically written to be annoying and repetitive to represent the anxiety of relationship gone wrong, i believe. taylor does stuff like that a lot, in songs like out of the woods, ikywt, wanegbt.
The One Eyed Owl
The One Eyed Owl 8 päivää sitten
Im a simple man, I see Gorillaz I click
Kavya Jain
Kavya Jain 9 päivää sitten
I was here only for P!nk. She is FIRE and I will never understand why she is so underrated. I'm sure that you'll make a video pitying all the people who don't praise her as much as she should be if you check out her music, live performances even for an hour.
Billy From Philly
Billy From Philly 10 päivää sitten
Roomie is to nice most of these songs are trash AF
Chanelle Blouet
Chanelle Blouet 10 päivää sitten
I didn't forget Lego house. Still listen to it to sleep sometimes
Annie F
Annie F 10 päivää sitten
It's so great listening to you. Thanks for making content the way you do!
Shrinkhala Chand
Shrinkhala Chand 11 päivää sitten
One glance at the thumbnail Me: No I have NOT forgotten 'I knew you were trouble'
tamunosaki ngalo
tamunosaki ngalo 11 päivää sitten
I feel like he doesn't like rap music/artists
Lizandra Modoli
Lizandra Modoli 11 päivää sitten
The Script is so underrated.
Angel Lucifer Janee'
Angel Lucifer Janee' 11 päivää sitten
i see gorillaz i click
Hayley Phoebe
Hayley Phoebe 12 päivää sitten
G6 like Sexyback it’s the heart best bop
Isa Draven
Isa Draven 12 päivää sitten
“Come on, have you heard this?” Why yes, I do follow Ava and Caleb on the clock app.
Patrick Marques
Patrick Marques 13 päivää sitten
Didn't heard a lot of songs, didn't you?
Mariana Tarcia
Mariana Tarcia 13 päivää sitten
what do you mean damn promiscuous girl is amazing
CrazedCatLady 13 päivää sitten
Of these that I have actually heard, I remembered
Will Dulevitz
Will Dulevitz 15 päivää sitten
Wtf is a g6
Mitāhāra 15 päivää sitten
Seriously does this guy live under the rock? Never heard fire stone? Superheroes,
Drew Klem
Drew Klem 16 päivää sitten
When he said he didn’t know superhero’s my heart sank
Stephanie Soto
Stephanie Soto 18 päivää sitten
Wow someone's mind is in the gutter because I never thought about Glad you came as a double entendre. 🤷
Tyrion 18 päivää sitten
4:20 I remember hearing this in GTA V mod showcases and stuff
Christy Gibson
Christy Gibson 18 päivää sitten
Stealing from Queen
Christy Gibson
Christy Gibson 18 päivää sitten
Do the main melody sound familiar cough cough ice ice baby
Haydn Paterson
Haydn Paterson 19 päivää sitten
how have you not heard some of the biggest songs of their respective years hahaha like sure, you forgot them but there's no way you never heard More Than You Know, it was probably one of the biggest electronic songs of 2017 OR Superheroes of 2014 by The Script. you literally would have to have not been near the internet, a radio or spotify at the time
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 19 päivää sitten
AVRIL LAVIGNE 😍 What The Hell is amazing... also Hello Kitty is actually good shush
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie 19 päivää sitten
i like how Taylor is on there like it's possible to forget about Taylor Swift
Rachael MacLeod
Rachael MacLeod 20 päivää sitten
Can't forget most of these songs 😂 most of them are on my road trip playlist which is played regularly 😂
Keiza P.W. ッ
Keiza P.W. ッ 20 päivää sitten
What i didn't forget - Lost Boy - More Than You Know - Superheroes - Live Your Life - Don't Wanna Know - Lean on - Tik Tok And the rest is....i dont know 😂
Linda Helt
Linda Helt 20 päivää sitten
Like a G6 Would be a great tik tok song
Meg Carpenter
Meg Carpenter 20 päivää sitten
I 350% agree with Joel. Like A G6 is terrible. Just awful
Olivier vdB
Olivier vdB 20 päivää sitten
I'm gonna say I am stuck in the past I haven't forgotten any of the songs except a few that where only popular in America or something.
Wikari_ 20 päivää sitten
All this songs are still playing in radio in my country and I'm happy about that♡ i'm in shock that u dont know many of this songs, they were and still are very popular
Ksenia 20 päivää sitten
you meant to say boombox, of course..)
Bradley Theotis
Bradley Theotis 20 päivää sitten
If you are trying to find a man of taste on that channel, bad news for you it doesn't exist. I wonder who stream his songs, really like why would someone who is mentally sain listen to a guy who's voice isn't authentic at all, which had born with a really common voice and for whom music should be calculated with a technique over artistic feelings mentality.
iKathie 21 päivä sitten
ive never heard any of these songs except Lost Boy by Ruth.B which i just heard a few months ago
stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws
stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws 21 päivä sitten
Peter Pan kidnapped kids and killed them...that’s why they never left never land...and Captain Hook was the only kid to escape
LA Critzer
LA Critzer 21 päivä sitten
We all know she never came 😂
No but hey on you
No but hey on you 21 päivä sitten
How have you never heard firestone??? It’s literally my childhood and was so big in like 2014 or whatever. It was When kygo first blew up
Woefie Poepie
Woefie Poepie 21 päivä sitten
I think what they mean in the song"im glad you came"is that the person is glad that that person came into their life
Olivia Müller
Olivia Müller 22 päivää sitten
Me: From Switzerland Roomie: „yodeling is something you‘re doing to annoy people!“ Me: „right.. that‘s why us Swiss People never were involved in a War!“😅😅😅
Jeremy P.
Jeremy P. 19 päivää sitten
swiss people unite
Tereza Tomková
Tereza Tomková 22 päivää sitten
BrUh HoW cAn U nOt ReMeMbEr ThEsE 👁👄👁
C.D. A
C.D. A 22 päivää sitten
Like a G6 to me sounds like Your Favorite Martians songs
EMBER 22 päivää sitten
You never heard that Bebe Rexha song???!! There were only like 5 good songs i the 2010's and this was one of them lol
Stephie W
Stephie W 22 päivää sitten
Yes that G6 song is lame...but the worst pun in music has to be "I guess that's why they call it window pane" in Love the way you lie..Eminem and so
hoOMan aSsisTAnt 1667
hoOMan aSsisTAnt 1667 22 päivää sitten
I have 2 categories= Love this song because it’s my whole childhood. (3) Never heard of the song AT ALL. (the rest)
Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman
Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman 22 päivää sitten
Chad and Avril are still friends even if their marriage didnt work. i mean i like Nickleback but i love Avril so much and hello kitty wasnt that bad of a song Joel but the sad part is she got sick while touring but now she is back with more bangers.
Zeum 22 päivää sitten
“There are so many good maroon 5 songs” No. No, there are not.
José García
José García 22 päivää sitten
Este niño solo conoce música de los últimos 10 años.
Pele K
Pele K 22 päivää sitten
I would have never heard of Lego House but my playlist in the car randomly had this song and I don’t know why
kai lee
kai lee 22 päivää sitten
I'm a month late to this video, but at least five of these songs are/were played on a constant loop if you work/ed retail.
Emilia Nilsson
Emilia Nilsson 22 päivää sitten
Skulle inte du vara svensk så skulle jag nog aldrig kolla på dina videos😅 vet inte varför men jag minns när du var med på TV4 sen dess har jag kollat på dig
That1Potatocarrot64 Does a thing
That1Potatocarrot64 Does a thing 23 päivää sitten
I was gonna say this was a great video, but I remembered why I don’t watch music videos. I don’t like being reminded of the ever growing loneliness
Sean Curtis
Sean Curtis 23 päivää sitten
Nah you are right, G6 is trash, always was and always will be
erica dawkins
erica dawkins 23 päivää sitten
You kidding me!!!!taylor swift is literally my idol she and rihanna so I could never ever forget their songs especially "I knew you were trouble" I sang that like crazy when I was 4-12yrs old and Im still 12 well lets just say 13🙄
JuBa012 23 päivää sitten
I didn't forget the songs. Only the names of the songs
Pedro HBS
Pedro HBS 24 päivää sitten
How can anyone forget Gorillaz? And still be one of their best songs
Skandar Flanagan
Skandar Flanagan 24 päivää sitten
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose 24 päivää sitten
*I'm gonna show you crazy starts playing* *Joel* : come on have you heard this *Me* : yes, yes I have and I am very hurt
alan satheesh
alan satheesh 24 päivää sitten
More than you know: generic Swedish House Mafia style Axvell and ingrosso: literally two thirds of Swedish House mafia
SuperiorGo 24 päivää sitten
FIpost loves major lazor. No matter who I start listening to It gets there eventually.
Anastasia Grubyak
Anastasia Grubyak 24 päivää sitten
i still listen to lost boy. its always a favorite of mine
Tito turtle
Tito turtle 24 päivää sitten
Tito turtle
Tito turtle 24 päivää sitten
I forgot lost boy it was on Disney channel so much
Drew Carey
Drew Carey 24 päivää sitten
Joel moving to America, we welcome you with open arms, and the right to bear arms. 😉
An yee
An yee 25 päivää sitten
I remember most of them, they never left the nostalgic placein my mind loo
Wrightcore 25 päivää sitten
I made my own fourth category: “Wish I Forgot”. Anyone else?
Thunder Studios
Thunder Studios 25 päivää sitten
YES I know a song on this he doesnt
Hannah Toms
Hannah Toms 25 päivää sitten
Kinda want you to react to biffy clyro 😂
Nasylum 25 päivää sitten
100% agree, never liked G6
TheSpinutti 25 päivää sitten
forgot: 2 remembered: 20 never heard: 3
Mateo William San Nicolas
Mateo William San Nicolas 26 päivää sitten
Gotta love good feel inc.
Mateo William San Nicolas
Mateo William San Nicolas 26 päivää sitten
I heard it on tik tok
Manar Khan
Manar Khan 26 päivää sitten
Petition to change TikTok to BikBok
Cloey Palmer
Cloey Palmer 26 päivää sitten
I'm SO UPSET that he forgot about Come & Get It! Selena Gomez is amazing. 🥺 But the amount of songs/artists he hasn't heard/hasn't remembered/ doesn't like REALLY makes me mad.
Aida Flix Bellmunt
Aida Flix Bellmunt 27 päivää sitten
How is it possible that you have not heard Firestone from Kygo? in what planet do you live? lol
Lia Belen Maidana
Lia Belen Maidana 27 päivää sitten
Got another marker yet? 🤣
Corvin Vale
Corvin Vale 27 päivää sitten
We forgot about Chris Brown for good reason
Noah 27 päivää sitten
I forgot a lot more in this video than the last, but I love a lot of early 2000s music so theres many I would have forgotten but I haven't.
Emma's Adventures
Emma's Adventures 27 päivää sitten
G6 was honestly only good in 2010 when you were half cut
Chyanne Nixon
Chyanne Nixon 27 päivää sitten
I'm surprised I knew most of these
SABBAS LAMPRIANIDIS 27 päivää sitten
Isn't don't cha from some PH VIDEOS? IYKWIM
Miss A
Miss A 27 päivää sitten
You can never find a bad Avril Lavigne's songs. I had this in my mind untill u reminded me of hello kitty omg whyyyyy
Miss A
Miss A 27 päivää sitten
Oh come on like a G6 is good🤣 no lyrics but the beat is good , people don't just like songs bcuz they r good songs😂
Rebecca Madsen
Rebecca Madsen 28 päivää sitten
One thing Joel forgot is swedish clothing store BikBok 😂😂
sturdydisc 28 päivää sitten
I thought that power would be here
John Willis
John Willis 28 päivää sitten
7:34 Roll a d6!!! HASHTAGnerdlife lol
Onor TLS
Onor TLS 28 päivää sitten
1:03 i’m getting flashbacks to middle school talent shows where every girl sang this ( with a ukulele ofc)
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