Songs you can't NOT sing along to #2

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If you don't sing along to these songs then you lying!
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Songs you can't NOT sing along to #2
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Russ Emerson
Russ Emerson 52 minuuttia sitten
The "Bad Lip Reading version of "Friday" far surpasses the original.
Serenity Medina
Serenity Medina 10 tuntia sitten
His face on 6:46 lol
rain 11 tuntia sitten
Once what is love was playing in the car when I was with my mum and sister. We were all in the right seats to bop our heads. My sister and I did but my mum didn't 🤣
Rachel Timming
Rachel Timming Päivä sitten
Lol yes undone suspenders was and is a thing 😆
SAMOYA MOJO Päivä sitten
Joel's logic: you wear sunglasses that means ur cool Me:*goes to find some sunglasses* am I cool now?? No? Ok *walks away sadly*
The Verminator
The Verminator Päivä sitten
5:22 i actually have a keyring crazyfrog with the original edit fidget spinner on it
Sparky X
Sparky X Päivä sitten
we all know we sing the songs with a different key
ALLEN JOSEPH Päivä sitten
Jenna Ostrowski
Jenna Ostrowski Päivä sitten
The way I know poker face is once is school my French teacher put it on but it was the big bad wolf singing about little pigs in French 😅
Carol wtf
Carol wtf 2 päivää sitten
let me tell ya something. My name is Caroline and whenever I introduce myself to someone they ask me if I like the song or just start singing it. I work in a middle school and EVERY WEEK they play this song in the cafeteria and no one but the lunch ladies know that my name is Caroline. by the way, I hate the song but I can't help but sing along smh
Seán McAodhagain
Seán McAodhagain 2 päivää sitten
Am I the only one who though Call Me Maybe was a Taylor Swift song?
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 2 päivää sitten
I sung along to Axel F by Crazy Frog cuz its a nice song and I like to anoy people by singing that song
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 2 päivää sitten
I also can’t stand Pharrell. Or Hanson. Oh god and that Fox song.
Ryan Cornwell
Ryan Cornwell 3 päivää sitten
I really don’t hear the willy I only hear the really
R A M 3 päivää sitten
I love Marianas Trench too omfg
Derick_ Salvator
Derick_ Salvator 3 päivää sitten
yes it was a thing
Werturn 313
Werturn 313 3 päivää sitten
I absolutely dispaise the Backstreet boys
David's Gaming World
David's Gaming World 4 päivää sitten
Vanessa Verduci
Vanessa Verduci 4 päivää sitten
Roomie I love crazy frog doughnut juge
Natasja Fransiska
Natasja Fransiska 4 päivää sitten
My brother had the crazy frog as a ring tone and it drove my crazy 😟
TheDreamAnimus 5 päivää sitten
Excuse me, Joel, I think you meant to say that One Direction is just male Spice Girls
Sonny H Madsen
Sonny H Madsen 5 päivää sitten
No One Direction is the male version of Spice Girls, not the other way around 8:36
Hércules Gidel
Hércules Gidel 5 päivää sitten
Dude, that "Masterpiece Theatre" stuff is pure gold.
dark zero
dark zero 5 päivää sitten
12:31 I will tell you what it means when I learn 1 of the 5+ languages south Africa speaks
archieblue 5 päivää sitten
Roomie) Who sings along to this??? Me) *ME* RINGNING NININGNING
Maximus Thompson
Maximus Thompson 5 päivää sitten
Roomy I saw you in tomska video
Mihlali Jantjies
Mihlali Jantjies 5 päivää sitten
It funny that Joel promoted Skills Share right after the Friday song........i dunno if ya'll catch my drift with this
Bori♥ 5 päivää sitten
"Boybands should not age!" - RoomieOfficial 2021
That one hufflepuff that is a weasley
That one hufflepuff that is a weasley 5 päivää sitten
roomie: not liking the fox me: grew up with the song the disrespect
Navneet SinghR
Navneet SinghR 5 päivää sitten
if you dont sing along to yellow submarine, sir you dont deserve to live
RudyApples 5 päivää sitten
you didn't sing along the whole time so like, well.... yanno
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 5 päivää sitten
0:54 I don't think that was a lipsync error. I think that was a removed backing vocal that I've heard a lot in live performances, where while the normal vocal says "hear you say", the backing vocal quickly says "never wanna hear you say". It legit shows up in the first google search result for "I Want It That Way Live", in the last chorus.
Payton Nelson
Payton Nelson 6 päivää sitten
Roomie: Songs you can’t not sing along to Also roomie: doesn’t sing any of the songs Like what?!
peachypanda28 6 päivää sitten
❤️ Marianas Trench
inko toradora
inko toradora 6 päivää sitten
"you cant not sing along" proceeds to not sing most of them
Dovydas Lreu5
Dovydas Lreu5 6 päivää sitten
im sing along 4:57
Xephy 6 päivää sitten
we're not worried about our preformance when singing along ;) Well... At least i'm not
Raging Panda
Raging Panda 6 päivää sitten
gotta be honest, haven't heard Yellow Submarine
Kate Baker
Kate Baker 6 päivää sitten
I thought the lyrics for sweet Caroline was “Sweet paradise” instead of “sweet Caroline”
The Man with the upside-down face
The Man with the upside-down face 6 päivää sitten
What about I'm Blue By Eiffel65* *If i spelled it wrong, let me know
maria estrella bolisay
maria estrella bolisay 6 päivää sitten
1:57 right
leObese 6 päivää sitten
0:54 He obviously says "Never wanna hear you say" but I guess they removed it there and used it later on at the end
GoodBoy The 69th
GoodBoy The 69th 6 päivää sitten
6:33 The hell happened to his hair
Fallout117654 6 päivää sitten
I did not sing along, however id be lying if i said I hadn't to these songs before, well.. most of them
Chief Steps-In-Poo
Chief Steps-In-Poo 7 päivää sitten
All right. I've only watched 2 of your Songs we can't NOT sing along to skits. Neither one has included Jump Around by House of Pain. Have you EVER been to a college football game? It is the perfect song to get you pumped up. It makes best friends out of worst enemies. There is no feud greater than ones in college football. For that 2 or 3 minutes everyone in the stadium is all on the same wave length. There are no fights, there is just thousands of people in unison with one another.
Boisq 7 päivää sitten
honestly, i prefer the "beats 2 and 4 are swapped" version of get lucky, theres also a few that i never even heard before, like the ariana grande one
Fluke Mortoli
Fluke Mortoli 7 päivää sitten
Honestly if gonna do a daft punk song should be one more time but get lucky is decent too lol
asterixxer 7 päivää sitten
Greetings to the Channel from the Home of "What is Love?" :-)
Jude Wildhaber
Jude Wildhaber 7 päivää sitten
Does Daniel Thrashed EVER leave your videos lol
Lilly F
Lilly F 7 päivää sitten
Most of these are more guilty pleasures than must sing along too
Haylee Richardson
Haylee Richardson 8 päivää sitten
for the four people in my Italian class we got introduced to September and know we listen to it every day
Haylee Richardson
Haylee Richardson 8 päivää sitten
i only know get ;lucky from the struts becuase they made a cover roomie you should react to the struts, please respond
Haylee Richardson
Haylee Richardson 8 päivää sitten
red_ GRiMM
red_ GRiMM 8 päivää sitten
Most of these are just "songs that will be sung at a filled pub/club/party" in the UK
Shadow :P
Shadow :P 8 päivää sitten
Me:*hears I want it that way* Also me:*flashes back to creepypasta meme that features the song*
Irene CamargoMacedo
Irene CamargoMacedo 8 päivää sitten
Nobody: "..." Roomie: "Wa bwa wa say"
Irene CamargoMacedo
Irene CamargoMacedo 8 päivää sitten
Me: "Mom, can I listen to some music?" Mom: "Yes, but just classical ones, ok?" Me: "Ok?" (10 minutes later...) Me: "Mmm bop, ba dibbaddop ba doo wop, doo be dop ba doo wop, ba dibbaddop ba doo, yeah yeah"
Ryan Donegan
Ryan Donegan 8 päivää sitten
Seriously crazy frog. It’s one of the worst songs ever.
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez 8 päivää sitten
Hanging suspenders was a thing in the late '90 early 2000 in Europe unfortunately
lyn dance
lyn dance 8 päivää sitten
I sing along to the axel f
??? 8 päivää sitten
For a second I thought you are pewdiepie cuz ur Voices sound so similar
Elizabeth Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell 8 päivää sitten
So many special video ideas for those who get memberships! Tbh I want to see YOU recreate songs AND the music videos lol 😂 or even "tear them apart" and "fix them"!!!
911ep500 8 päivää sitten
No... The cover of Dancin in the moonlight is NOT better. Leave
Bryce Dorey
Bryce Dorey 8 päivää sitten
No One direction is just male spice girls
Orange Gaming
Orange Gaming 8 päivää sitten
Am I the only one who sings to crazy frog
ElizabethLovesGaming 9 päivää sitten
I am doing a try to sing along challenge.
Cinzia Franco
Cinzia Franco 9 päivää sitten
Kings of Leon's cover of Dancing on my own by Robyn is BOMB. I like it more than Calum Scott's version
Carla Joy Yalong
Carla Joy Yalong 9 päivää sitten
Ohhhh see that babies hahaha
nameofthename 9 päivää sitten
roomie: bruh who sings along to crazy frog me: *V I B I N*
nameofthename 9 päivää sitten
roomie: i dont like that guy in the get lucky song also roomie: *V I B I N*
seminole4life22 10 päivää sitten
That whole Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. album is incredible
Katherine flint
Katherine flint 10 päivää sitten
When you realize you're the only one that actually does jam out to Friday it's a fun song It's a guilty pleasure I love it
BlackNeon_244 10 päivää sitten
3:53 I only know that song from the show Friends 😀
Abbie F
Abbie F 10 päivää sitten
Best Black Eyed Peas song? Where is the love?
Adrian Bahena
Adrian Bahena 10 päivää sitten
Is it me or did anyone else's screen freeze at 4:27
Myriam Brodz
Myriam Brodz 10 päivää sitten
I might not sing along but i definitely howl along with the songs hahahahahahaha
Deborah Graham
Deborah Graham 10 päivää sitten
Does anyone think "I wanna dance with somebody" should be on here?!
Kristian Busch
Kristian Busch 10 päivää sitten
That was a very spot on compilation!! The only one out of all these I did not agree with was Friday. I just never listened to that song, so I can't sing along 🤷🏼‍♂️😄
Chloe Prawat
Chloe Prawat 11 päivää sitten
Joel says that some pop songs are good and really easy to learn near the end of the video, I want to know what he thinks of 5SOS. I love their music. Some of my favorites are probably Amnesia, Wildflower, Easier, and Teeth. How do you guys feel about them, I would love it if he made a video about their music unless I just haven't seen it yet. Either way, I would love to know what he thinks of them.
vitor iurkiv
vitor iurkiv 11 päivää sitten
Excuse me roomie, but i beg to differ, look at the song creeping death from metalica, it has an insane arena energy
Shannon Nichols
Shannon Nichols 11 päivää sitten
Dancing in the Moonlight is NOT better than the original!!!! Are you kidding me?! Go back & listen to his voice! Perfect, soulful! (I’m assuming the original was by King Harvest).
Shannon Nichols
Shannon Nichols 11 päivää sitten
I don’t understand why a frog is on the Axel F song and why its faster. Harold Faltermeyer did this for Beverly Hills Cop...Eddie Murphy’s character was named Axel Foley.
Shannon Nichols
Shannon Nichols 11 päivää sitten
Y’all remember the SNL skit (back when SNL was funny) when Hanson got stuck in the elevator playing MMMBOP for hours?! Very funny & especially because they had a sense of humor about it, as well!
Neutral Tired
Neutral Tired 11 päivää sitten
damn, last time I made it nearly to the end, but "we will rock you" got me immediately this time
Ashley Chalmers
Ashley Chalmers 11 päivää sitten
So... Anyone gonna talk about that fidget spinner
SoulTiger 91
SoulTiger 91 11 päivää sitten
Who thinks Joel should do a Disney song vs
Vypazcute 11 päivää sitten
"it catapults you" it's a freaking trebuchet! know your history, man!
PrimePlas 11 päivää sitten
Everyone but Romanian people say that "Dragostea din Tei" is a meme song. Supposed to be a love song.
Marsella Giovani
Marsella Giovani 11 päivää sitten
I sing to crazy frog joel, fight me 😂
Stephanie Sarah
Stephanie Sarah 11 päivää sitten
I’m also curious, do y’all sing along to poker face or like get hype when it comes on? It’s always on all these lists and I really really really don’t like the song.
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez 11 päivää sitten
Joel your hair was a little bit "Pitchy" on the Skillshare ad lol
Aditya Borge
Aditya Borge 11 päivää sitten
Joel doing namaste 😂😂
Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets 11 päivää sitten
Why didn't you comment bon jovi's song? It's amazing thing
A J 11 päivää sitten
BlutoLongneck 11 päivää sitten
I want you to look into the band YES. It will change your view of music, very different, but just more than pop music. I would love to hear you sing Jon Anderson, he has a very unique voice. (2) YesSongs #7: YES - Roundabout - FIpost Just have look man. :)
Cody Knight
Cody Knight 11 päivää sitten
FIpost be like omg one of my videos have just got copyrighted. Joe be like hold my hat
Josie McElwee
Josie McElwee 11 päivää sitten
Ok by then
MLMLee 11 päivää sitten
I can’t be the only one who hears lady Gaga say pewdiepie pewdiepie in the poker face song right?
MaxxD17 12 päivää sitten
You keep bringing up Marianas trench... I watch more of your videos lol
BBisson 12 päivää sitten
I think you mean One Direction is the Male version of the Spice Girls. 🙃🤔 I'll let it go because I am also a huge Marianas Trench Fan.
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