The Most Overplayed Songs of All Time

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Which are the most overplayed and annoying songs of all time?
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ACE BAGINZU 13 tuntia sitten
what about shape of u and faded -__-
Yeet ‘n Greet
Yeet ‘n Greet Päivä sitten
I think the only version of Hallelujah that isn’t overplayed is the version by Leonard Cohen. Still my favourite version of it, and the shrek version, but that’s all I can handle.
Violet OJay
Violet OJay Päivä sitten
Let it go
14tobyb Unknown
14tobyb Unknown 2 päivää sitten
More than a feeling Is my favourite song
Kitty Maximum
Kitty Maximum 2 päivää sitten
The synth drop is the best part of Party Rock Anthem, fight me.
Kimberlee Nelson
Kimberlee Nelson 2 päivää sitten
Y y'all hating on ava max tho Also, 13:56, I heard a misheard lyrics, I believe that the hotdogs go oooooon
Kimberlee Nelson
Kimberlee Nelson 2 päivää sitten
12:22 I have only heard the kids bop version, lol 🤣
Emmy Miller
Emmy Miller 2 päivää sitten
despacito sucks
The Last Big
The Last Big 2 päivää sitten
The reason p!atd fans hate that song is because old panic > new panic
Eddy Mentzer
Eddy Mentzer 3 päivää sitten
Wow, I’ve listened to all of these songs like 1000 times.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 3 päivää sitten
KAVYA SETHIA 3 päivää sitten
say so is a fortnight dance!!!
sack of potatoes
sack of potatoes 3 päivää sitten
*Jump around starts playing* Me: ugh.. please no Joel: ugh Me: oh, he feels the same way
jyoti uniyal
jyoti uniyal 3 päivää sitten
Joel: Listens to only the chorus part Also Joel: This song is repetitive, its overplayed
You You
You You 3 päivää sitten
That first song R.I.P Freddie Mercury
jack reason
jack reason 6 päivää sitten
Despacito is not a good song once you translate it roomie I can't look at it the same again and it is over played
Lennart Boehme
Lennart Boehme 7 päivää sitten
the ironic thing about "staying alive" is that the beat is actually the exact rythm with which you do CPR
Hunt Bear
Hunt Bear 8 päivää sitten
Empire State of mind plays like 10 times a hour on Xm radio pop 2k station so yes it was
KvAT 9 päivää sitten
Bohrap is not overplayed in the sense that it's played everywhere, but more in the sense that it's just *inevitable* that you'll hear it in some form or another. Maybe someone will just hum the tunes for the piano ballad, or quietly falsettoing the operatic section, or your parents listening too this somewhen or another. It's just *that* famous, and it will be for years to come. Timeless.
JackPeanut_BBZ 9 päivää sitten
Erm anyone gonna talk about never gonna give you up
Lil' Nizzan
Lil' Nizzan 9 päivää sitten
Tick tock is the most brain damaging app of course it's going to kill songs I killed bad guy from Billie eilish
TheFallenFang 9 päivää sitten
Bodies was 100000% an overplayed song in the last decade. But lately it's been a lot less used
Brent Jones
Brent Jones 9 päivää sitten
11:53 look at the mic LOL
Ndalo Simps
Ndalo Simps 10 päivää sitten
not him saying that drake has lunges or NOT BYEE😹🚶
Ndalo Simps
Ndalo Simps 10 päivää sitten
boston brings me nostalgic memories
SadDetective 10 päivää sitten
Personally I was offended when he didin't know More than a feeling
Dylan Base
Dylan Base 10 päivää sitten
i have a great recommendation play anime thighs
Debi Diana
Debi Diana 10 päivää sitten
My God Joel! Boston was huge in New England.
not luke
not luke 11 päivää sitten
417omfg some one kill me
Fredo Sinsemilla
Fredo Sinsemilla 11 päivää sitten
I really love RIck Astley, hoped to see him on this list
Agathe B
Agathe B 12 päivää sitten
"Don't Stop Believing" isn't overplayed! It's an amazing song and we rarely here it on the radio!!
Simeon Bergen
Simeon Bergen 12 päivää sitten
Will Dulevitz
Will Dulevitz 12 päivää sitten
Ive never heard empire state of mind
Brittany Lamote
Brittany Lamote 13 päivää sitten
I feel that Hallelujah is done so many covers of. That it’s almost to the point for me like. Is there really any other version left to redo this song as? Though it’s a good song. I feel like every cover that can be done is done. Lol
Marjan Mahkovic
Marjan Mahkovic 14 päivää sitten
Help lavida loca's been stuck in my head for like months now =/
Javier De Alba
Javier De Alba 14 päivää sitten
Hallelujah song.. hmm, personally, Rufus Wainwright's version is the definitive one.
FilmmakerForFun FilmmakerForFun
FilmmakerForFun FilmmakerForFun 15 päivää sitten
17:00 Justin Beiber 😂
Lucia Isdale
Lucia Isdale 15 päivää sitten
MOSt overPLAyed songs in my opinion Party rock anthem, dance monkey , every panic at the disco song, best day of my life , Despacito and halleyuyah
Canaan Smith
Canaan Smith 15 päivää sitten
The justin bieber remix of despacito is the only one that is over played
Canaan Smith
Canaan Smith 15 päivää sitten
7:34 your dead to me
fvckallyallsfeelings 15 päivää sitten
I haven't watched the video yet but high hopes or hey look ma, i made it better be on here.... Edit: haha knew it....
EzraEpic 15 päivää sitten
Why isn’t never gonna give you up not on here?
Malthaelean Jr
Malthaelean Jr 16 päivää sitten
The reaaon why all of these aren't overplayed to me at least, is because screw social media first of all. That is the bubonic plague of this generation. And I don't listen to most genres such as Rap, Hip hop, Pop, ect.
Twilight Spakle
Twilight Spakle 16 päivää sitten
I was about to yell at you for not remembering Boston
Lucia Isdale
Lucia Isdale 15 päivää sitten
He does remember it . he just didn't remember the start
Grant Kelling
Grant Kelling 16 päivää sitten
Bohemian Rhapsody is overplayed but Freddie was a genius and it's one of the best songs ever written, so whilst I normally hate overplayed music I'll let that one slide as it's still awesome every time it's played.
Toshio K.
Toshio K. 16 päivää sitten
Yes we have a powerhouse singer, at same level as Whitney, Mariah. Unfortunatelly she's not wolrd wide known, but she'll be soon. Her name is Morissette Amon from Philippines.
XsunshinegamerX 16 päivää sitten
I love empire state of mind so does my bff
XsunshinegamerX 16 päivää sitten
Stayin live is not over played to me lol it just a song to dance awkwardly to I guess xD
Jayce Mckinnis
Jayce Mckinnis 16 päivää sitten
Concrete jungle wet dream tomato
Aesara Lupinski
Aesara Lupinski 16 päivää sitten
Fun fact i grew up listening to john Denver and Shakira songs
EliteBarch 21
EliteBarch 21 17 päivää sitten
Supprised Tokyo Drift wasn’t here
ANDRE CARON 17 päivää sitten
More than a feeling has been in so many movies and movie trailers, for example, Disney And Pixar’s inside out
Emily Ellis
Emily Ellis 17 päivää sitten
every song with happy in the name ever: literally in all eternity: plays everyone: 😑😒
The Fudd Factory
The Fudd Factory 17 päivää sitten
You can play Rapcidy non stop for 40 years and it still wouldn’t be over played! That being said I don’t think it’s played that much.
Limbo Sounds
Limbo Sounds 17 päivää sitten
"Stayin' alive" is annoying? U MAD BRO It's legendary. It's iconic. This song will be played at the world's end.
Terrified Sora Face
Terrified Sora Face 17 päivää sitten
Wanna know something overplayed? Never gonna give you up I love it, but listened to it so many times
Terrified Sora Face
Terrified Sora Face 17 päivää sitten
Pumped up kicks is decent, but it’s overplayed because of the meme
Andrew J Lala
Andrew J Lala 17 päivää sitten
din't hear that much of these 2021 PEOPLE!
thomas moores
thomas moores 17 päivää sitten
You were born in 1998. THAT'S why you've never heard of Boston.
Tom Galonska
Tom Galonska 17 päivää sitten
Say what you want, but Leonard Cohens version of Hallelujah is not only the best, it still holds up!
Ideias Radicais PT
Ideias Radicais PT 17 päivää sitten
About "Best day of my life", the best comment I ever heard was from a Portuguese X Factor judge: "it sounds like a song that should have been made by a girlband of 15 year olds and it was was actually made by a bunch of big dudes".
Ideias Radicais PT
Ideias Radicais PT 17 päivää sitten
I had never heard "Say So" before... :o
ryan monostori
ryan monostori 18 päivää sitten
He said bodies want over played I remember in like 2014 every FIpost video had that
Lukey D
Lukey D 18 päivää sitten
Joel: Imagine how long it would take to compare all the hallelujah covers Everyone: *DO IT*
Çryptic Cryø
Çryptic Cryø 18 päivää sitten
Wtf is le la va loca
Çryptic Cryø
Çryptic Cryø 18 päivää sitten
Play and build with me Camila
Play and build with me Camila 18 päivää sitten
And I believe the hotdogs will go on 14:20
Play and build with me Camila
Play and build with me Camila 18 päivää sitten
Wait justin beiber speaks Spanish (sorry if I spelt his last name wrong)
Play and build with me Camila
Play and build with me Camila 18 päivää sitten
Me still watching you even though my headphones are broken
John Willis
John Willis 18 päivää sitten
5:26 I love this song!!! "Concrete jungle wet dream tomato "
717355 Lorne Park SS
717355 Lorne Park SS 18 päivää sitten
also 14:21 "that the hot dogs go on"
Mehfig 18 päivää sitten
I like party rock anthem, staying alive, and Living La Vida Loca well the shrek verison
John Willis
John Willis 18 päivää sitten
The entirety of this video is why I don't listen to the radio, or the various internet "radios"! As much as I like some of these songs I would have to say they ARE overplayed, or overused in stuff, regardless of how much I like it!
Kayla Gutierrez
Kayla Gutierrez 18 päivää sitten
You can never overplay Bohemian Rhapsody. The best song ever written! Just amazing!
Mel Fos
Mel Fos 18 päivää sitten
He hates the. Songs I love
Keila Rogers
Keila Rogers 18 päivää sitten
Country Road is overplayed in The United States. Its just like a classic American Country song
Heatblade 202
Heatblade 202 18 päivää sitten
How did he not catch more than a feeling at the beginning, gotta love Boston
inaplays4 18 päivää sitten
14:21 When i was a kid i thought that she said "hotdogs"
inaplays4 18 päivää sitten
11:53 is it just me hallucinating or did anyone else see a face in the mic?
̊。 Lia 。 ̊
̊。 Lia 。 ̊ 19 päivää sitten
Surprised Havana isn't on here.
Puttpupper 19 päivää sitten
I'm yours is a classic that is so not overplayed...also i never heard a cover of it
vanlal muanpuii
vanlal muanpuii 19 päivää sitten
where is baby]
Cinical Klinical
Cinical Klinical 19 päivää sitten
Where bad from Michael Jackson
Beth O'Doherty
Beth O'Doherty 19 päivää sitten
joel: haleliua is overrated me: realises that its the lmanburg anthem wilbur soot: how dare u
Ace the Guardian
Ace the Guardian 20 päivää sitten
I love, more than a feeling but I haven't tried playing it on my drums
KayPlayz 17
KayPlayz 17 20 päivää sitten
Glenn Carter
Glenn Carter 20 päivää sitten
Bostons more than a feeling is a 1980s song ya lemon
Pancsi Vodnyánszky
Pancsi Vodnyánszky 21 päivä sitten
Maybe it's just me, but i never heard the LMFAO song on the radio. I only know it because I'm a hip-hop dancer and this song is one of the classics for the "shufle" moves
Incognito 21 päivä sitten
He said 12 for overplayed and on my book I was writing 12
Isaiah Patten
Isaiah Patten 21 päivä sitten
The music video for I wanna dance with somebody doesn't end like that on FIpost
roomie,pls get a new marker. im getting annoyed by that marker instead of the songs.
370z gaming
370z gaming 21 päivä sitten
Bohemian rhapsody is not overplayed it is one of the best songs of all time
The Funerks
The Funerks 22 päivää sitten
I’m surprised drivers license isn’t on there
Jataro Kemuri 日
Jataro Kemuri 日 22 päivää sitten
A song that is overplayed is “ We are the champions “ 🤦‍♀️
Ian Mckenzie
Ian Mckenzie 22 päivää sitten
Country roads is a fairly good song also the singer died
pc_ awsome
pc_ awsome 22 päivää sitten
Alternate title “songs that joel does’nt like vs other”
Damien-joseph Jackson
Damien-joseph Jackson 23 päivää sitten
I wanna dance with somebody is overplayed because i hear twice a day at work when i work
Abbie F
Abbie F 23 päivää sitten
No wonder Doja Cat made different versions of Say So when performing live.
OBLIVION 23 päivää sitten
My opinion: Bohemian Rhapsody - Not Overplayed at all. Say So - Not Overplayed Stayin' Alive - Not Overplayed Livin' Da Vida Loca - Overplayed AF Take Me Home - Overplayed Empire State of Mind - Not Overplayed , concrete jungle wet dream tomato I wanna dance with somebody - Overplayed x 9999999999999999999recurring Boston - More than a Feeling - Not Overplayed at all Rolling in the deep - Such a classic , Not Overplayed at all Hotline Bling - how dare you call it overplayed Drowning Pool -Overplayed , turn it off right now. Dance Monkey - THE MOST OVERPLAYED SONG OF ALL TIME High Hopes - kinda overplayed ngl Best Day of my life - OVERPLAYED , TURN THAT SHIT OFF RN Party Rock Anthem - not overplayed because nostalgia My heart will go on - a bit overplayed but I still love it. Jump Around - *TURN IT OFF* , *RIGHT NOW* Believin' - not overplayed I'm Yours - ITS DISCOUNT HEY SOUL SISTER BY TRAIN Despacito - honestly , you can hate me for this but its kinda not overplayed Hallejujuah - JUST STOP. PLEASE.
Jon mccaslin
Jon mccaslin 23 päivää sitten
69k likes Nice
reema 24 päivää sitten
Definitely love yourself by ed sheeran
Dab Power
Dab Power 24 päivää sitten
Im sad you said stayin' alive is overplayed while a LOT of humans dont even know that song
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