The ULTIMATE K-Pop Video (100% intensity)

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":
How many PERCENT K-POP are you??!
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The original compilation had 100 songs but we ended up cutting out some of them.
Do you know these K-POP songs?
The ULTIMATE K-Pop Video (100% intensity)
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Presley Marcel
Presley Marcel 32 minuuttia sitten
Missing Girls' Generation songs in the list : Run Devil Run, The Boys, Mr. Mr.
Shontel Prescott
Shontel Prescott 33 minuuttia sitten
Um kpop is just a bunch of genres mashed together to create a sound. "K-pop needs to sound like kpop", what? And why does he think some of those kpop songs were inspired by western culture? It pains me to see him so ignorant about certain things
JinHit _
JinHit _ 41 minuutti sitten
HOW COME STRAY KIDS'S GOD'S MENU AND BACKDOOR IS NOT HERE? You need to discover Itzy too.. But thanks for this❤
Moin 12
Moin 12 59 minuuttia sitten
why does nobody mention that he always say that they use green screen but they dont
MelanyBlackDH Tunti sitten
Well, I got 7 too, and 2 of those were from 2007 so..........
Neon Cyle
Neon Cyle Tunti sitten
Isn't day6 a band tho?
Johnvincent Bitangcol
Johnvincent Bitangcol Tunti sitten
This video is for only bts whyyyyyy
GC Wang
GC Wang Tunti sitten
Ahhh OG kpop is so much better to me 🥲 maybe cuz I've heard all of those songs, but it was MUCH MORE it's just all the same 😅 early to mid 2010s was THE BEST
wendyz orange
wendyz orange Tunti sitten
I'm sorry but it is embarrassing how little you know and how close minded you are
wendyz orange
wendyz orange Tunti sitten
And I have 77%
Jamila Lacao
Jamila Lacao Tunti sitten
You know he ain't a K-drama fan when he doesn't recognize Stay with me in Goblin😭
ItsSxjwa 2 tuntia sitten
There js si many iconic songs in hereee
Hot Soo Tuff
Hot Soo Tuff 4 tuntia sitten
Where's snsd the boys at 2011? That compilation sucks
Rhea Mae Magracia
Rhea Mae Magracia 4 tuntia sitten
I know all bts songs...
McLovin 5 tuntia sitten
You can appreciate kpop even more if you observe it outside western standards.
Felix's Sausage
Felix's Sausage 5 tuntia sitten
17:08 probably because South Korea has a more conservative culture compared to the West. Not conservative actually, they just try to keep everything very family. Most music videos that have nudity/fewer clothes get banned. For example, in Sistar's So Cool, that hip movement in the choreography was banned. While performing on stage, the members wore longer clothes and the hip movement was removed and replaced with something less sexy. This thing only applies to the girl groups though, boy groups don't get striked for stuff like this as much as girl groups.
ARJAY ADONIS 5 tuntia sitten
kpop is not a genre, you got a shallow understanding of kpop
Salla Hintsala
Salla Hintsala 6 tuntia sitten
if u want to see great dancing, check out seventeen's stuff
Critic & Debunker
Critic & Debunker 6 tuntia sitten
I can't believe the fact that people who i assume, haven't heard much western and j-pop enought to accept the fact that kpop is truely "influenced" by western music and j-pop music, like.. Come on.. everything have origins and influences. I mean american pop are basically mostly african music and that isn't a problem, just accept the fact that kpop is mostly probably fusion of jpop and western and it's native kpop music, and it's not a problem, it's music.. if it is good, accept all facts, also as i have heard jpop, and western music imo i agree with him, he's got a point.. Lastly.. just a accept it, it's a fusion pop music, gosh is it really a hard-to-swallow pill?.. (Additional analysis): you'll see western influence (MJ) on twice and bts, which on twice the cover of Want You Back and they've possibly titled "subconsciously" the Dance The Night Away similar from the lyrics of Rock With You by MJ, and on bts the iconic Micheal Jackson dance kick which can be seen on the music video of Dynamite.
Daria Chojnowska
Daria Chojnowska 6 tuntia sitten
React To EXO They have amazing vocals
Haruko Shimizu
Haruko Shimizu 6 tuntia sitten
Its funny because Shinee's Ring Ding Dong was one of the biggest revolutionary changes in kpop.
saima jawed
saima jawed 7 tuntia sitten
I got 73% And out of those 73% I have about 68% of them in my audio playlist and 45% of them are in my smartphone
Rajwa Asykira
Rajwa Asykira 8 tuntia sitten
I'm not that much of a Kpop fan but I'm surprised Taeyang's eyes nose lips doesn't make this list
copy cat
copy cat 8 tuntia sitten
omg now i would love to see roomie reacting to day6
Destin Alfajrin
Destin Alfajrin 8 tuntia sitten
Yasshh Dreamcatcher is there!!!😍😍
Noble Saint
Noble Saint 9 tuntia sitten
He's a musician, I appreciate that... But telling those who were in the birth and rise of K-POP and judging each song accordingly if that meets your standards with BTS and BLANKPINK songs mostly as a reference, you really need to invest time. Long way to go from 7%.
nichole pacle
nichole pacle 9 tuntia sitten
Dude. It is really grating to see how you boxed kpop as one genre. These are some of 100 legendary kpop songs and it will be a mix of everything. Kpop will not try to fit in whatever box you want it to fit in. The better way to do is appreciate how kpop music has evolved and continually reinvent the global music industry.
nichole pacle
nichole pacle 9 tuntia sitten
Also, most of those things you said that are green screen sets are actually practical sets. That's how much budget kpop allots to their music videos.
Birte Komolong
Birte Komolong 9 tuntia sitten
30% and why didn't you show the 2013 BTS debute huh and my real name is Roxanne
Manisha Gurung
Manisha Gurung 9 tuntia sitten
Comment section full of teachers , explaining !! P.S : Joel said what he felt , no big issue .
Mubashera Fariha
Mubashera Fariha 9 tuntia sitten
I am 33% kpop
Gourgopal Palit
Gourgopal Palit 10 tuntia sitten
Me who's wondering how roomie's never heard bboom bboom.
Nouha Jk ff
Nouha Jk ff 10 tuntia sitten
Me being proud of myself i knew every dingle song
Bebe Yege
Bebe Yege 11 tuntia sitten
What a bad list smh. It's almost like the creator just watch kpop recently and decided to do some digging backwards 😕
j p
j p 11 tuntia sitten
I will never trust a kpop video without Korea's National Anthem "GROWL" 😌😌
Arnabi Mukhopadhyay [06]
Arnabi Mukhopadhyay [06] 11 tuntia sitten
_I'm very calm. Very calm. _*_*deep breaths*_*_ I'm Calm._
min thaw nyo
min thaw nyo 11 tuntia sitten
how could u miss out 2ne1's Fire ? such a shame
Tim Kalangi
Tim Kalangi 12 tuntia sitten
im 78%
Alexandra Anna
Alexandra Anna 12 tuntia sitten
After watching this it confirms my thoughts that 90% of Kpop is bad
Gladys Regalado
Gladys Regalado 12 tuntia sitten
Not me singing from the beginning 💀 i feel old now, i got more that 30 and i just count the ones i like...
Jersey Nathalie Gose
Jersey Nathalie Gose 12 tuntia sitten
can someone tell me if there’s.a possible song sounding like 14:32 - 14:36 PLS i badly need to know
Mickyk12 Gaming
Mickyk12 Gaming 12 tuntia sitten
Not me knowing nearly all the songs 😂😂😂
Billy Liang
Billy Liang 13 tuntia sitten
Only knowing BTS and Blackpink is the most American thing I can think of. And bacon wrapped food. And obesity. You get the point.
Katie the human
Katie the human 13 tuntia sitten
Joel, I'm disappointed in you. I'm 44% kpop
Mina Luvi
Mina Luvi 13 tuntia sitten
me being 100% kpop-
No sana,jimin No life!!
No sana,jimin No life!! 13 tuntia sitten
I'm having a 100% here!!💌
Koka 13 tuntia sitten
Am I the only one who has a crush on Joel while he's playing piano ? 😂💜
Amina Hashmi
Amina Hashmi 14 tuntia sitten
Please do a stray kids review 🥺🥺🥺
Kitty and Berries
Kitty and Berries 14 tuntia sitten
anybody els's whole percentage comes from blackpink?
Veronica Artino
Veronica Artino 14 tuntia sitten
90% kpop here... they get censored if they show to much akin. South Korea is really conservative. If they have tattoos they need to be covered up and not visible during broadcast and they are only allowed to do certain dances for the girl groups...
Myusic Waves
Myusic Waves 15 tuntia sitten
I am 23% K-Pop Even though I don't speak Korean or Japanese, I have memorized the dances and lyrics to every BTS song owo Also to the songs I knew in this video
apink hayoungie11
apink hayoungie11 15 tuntia sitten
I was shock when you give points to Apink's No No No,Im still wishing you react on them
NOR AL-AKMAL 16 tuntia sitten
You dont have to laugh to old songs,its not funny, they are still bops,
Sofia 16 tuntia sitten
Got75, k-pop fans will get this comment
Sthr tbg
Sthr tbg 16 tuntia sitten
Ok Joel knows f(x) and likes it too. I can now die in peace
Wan Nur Iman Wan Zamzuri
Wan Nur Iman Wan Zamzuri 16 tuntia sitten
I wanna see Joel's reaction to MAMAMOO..pleasee..their vocals when live are 😘 *french kiss* 👌🏻
Wan Nur Iman Wan Zamzuri
Wan Nur Iman Wan Zamzuri 16 tuntia sitten
Basically he's knowing all the famous K-pop songs in the west only😂
OtakuChan 16 tuntia sitten
The compilation was outdated xD
ray of sunshine !!
ray of sunshine !! 16 tuntia sitten
i got 80%
Vrinda Malhotra
Vrinda Malhotra 16 tuntia sitten
The fact that BTS's "I need u" is not in this list is a travesty - Billboard literally named it as one of the most influential songs of the decade and it was one of the few kpop songs to make it to that list. And no Spring Day or Fake Love? Who made this list, an SM stan?
D3m0nic_ Angel
D3m0nic_ Angel 17 tuntia sitten
Joel: (Being 7% K-Pop) Me: *Knowing all of them, and singing/dancing along to them*
delgadovfg 17 tuntia sitten
Isn't kpop...pop? I dont get the "western pop" continous references... the only difference is the language, pop is pop
delgadovfg 17 tuntia sitten
lmho I'm not even a kpop stan and I've heard a lot of the music he said he never did
Jae Jae
Jae Jae 18 tuntia sitten
Not me singing all the songs, oopsie xd I guess i'm 100% kpop xdd
Noe B.
Noe B. 18 tuntia sitten
The fact that no one knows what gagnam means 😂
foreverchickadee 18 tuntia sitten
sebaekons 18 tuntia sitten
Actually you were kinda correct with being lightly dressed is frowned upon in Korea, it’s seen more as forced and well, not proper.
Axkkø 19 tuntia sitten
Him: 7% Me: 31%
AnneSophiiie 19 tuntia sitten
Girls' Generation was the first K-pop group I discovered 😮
Frozen 2
Frozen 2 19 tuntia sitten
Eeee BTS 😂
noufnouf maiez
noufnouf maiez 19 tuntia sitten
Dude day6 has some really good stuff
Gaby Noska
Gaby Noska 19 tuntia sitten
As a veteran kpop fans, all i can say is, kpop is everything but boring. No offense but most of the time non kpop fans HAVE to catagorize music like this music belongs to this genre etc. Being a kpop fans, our genre is unlimited, we can enjoy anything as long as it sounds good.
Edy Pouerie
Edy Pouerie 20 tuntia sitten
not a single Lee Hyori video?! Rain?! TVXQ?! this video should not be called "ultimate".
Joanne Hough
Joanne Hough 20 tuntia sitten
Relatively new to kpop so surprised I got 23%
kikio hearts
kikio hearts 20 tuntia sitten
Let me show my age. Definently heard Gee when I was in college and fell in love with Girls Generation.
bel 20 tuntia sitten
react to ateez 🥺
The Unique Monbebe
The Unique Monbebe 20 tuntia sitten
*11:17** Why do I feel so proud being a monbebe? 😳💜*
Princess Fig
Princess Fig 20 tuntia sitten
That recompilation kinda sucked if you ask me 😂About the outfits topic, SK is a conservative country, so women's clothes being too revealing is frowned upon still. As far as I know (if I'm wrong, please someone correct me) short skirts, shorts and dresses are okay, but the top has to be relatively covered up. It's slowly beginning to change, though, thanks to artists like Jessi and Hwasa pushing boundaries.
Romain fxx
Romain fxx 21 tunti sitten
In the video of ioi "very very very" there was no green background
Melanie Flores
Melanie Flores 21 tunti sitten
You should definitely react to Day6, they have the best discography in the industry right after Red Velvet.
Lee Kei
Lee Kei 21 tunti sitten
So.... I got 50 🙃
jomi025 21 tunti sitten
My 2nd gen heart kinda hurt that he didn't care for a lot of the iconic songs. 🙃 Btw, just to highlight how varied the songs are from different groups, sometimes producers pick a certain genre for a certain group so they have some kind of a signature sound. For example, Wonder Girls are known for their retro-sounding singles, BIGBANG & 2NE1 for EDM/R&B/hip-hop, f(x) for electropop, etc. I liked that you liked Mamamoo's song, though! They're the real deal. As for Gashina by Sunmi, I think the wacky sounding beats go well with the whole concept of the song because it's about a psycho ex-girlfriend. 😆 Also, this compilation needed way more BIGBANG, 2NE1 & IU.
SLEEPYhead Hêy_støß_IT_2_
SLEEPYhead Hêy_støß_IT_2_ 22 tuntia sitten
Hahaha I love your reaction 😉
Sameeha Bostan
Sameeha Bostan 22 tuntia sitten
Call me baby plays me just singing that for the rest of the vid
Sameeha Bostan
Sameeha Bostan 22 tuntia sitten
Shrinikles 22 tuntia sitten
Im 34% k-pop!!✨✌
Sameeha Bostan
Sameeha Bostan 22 tuntia sitten
If u saw after school now 💘
Narissa Sophea
Narissa Sophea 22 tuntia sitten
Anca Tanasescu
Anca Tanasescu 22 tuntia sitten
ok so I counted them and the total is 94 I think so I'm 88 out of 94 lmao
Saanvi Porandla
Saanvi Porandla 22 tuntia sitten
I came here for Blackpink. I have to say i was very disappointed.
Marry Parkhomenko
Marry Parkhomenko 22 tuntia sitten
I know there’s a lot to f k-pop fans who say “kPoP hAs nO oNe soUnD”, but I agree with Roomie, it does lol. When I was kpop Stan myself I was fighting too, but from the outsider perspective it does have one sound 90% of the time. Sometimes you just listen to melody of the song and you just know it’s Korean lol
Georgie 23 tuntia sitten
I hate and love that i know most of these songs....
Chocolate Dweeb
Chocolate Dweeb 23 tuntia sitten
Just suggesting, BTS high notes and falsettos.
Chocolate Dweeb
Chocolate Dweeb 23 tuntia sitten
The thing that I don't like about KPOP is the clothing, it's just, no, alot of idols are uncomfortable with what they're wearing and sometimes they're forced to wear it.
Chaw Su
Chaw Su 23 tuntia sitten
cute Concept Noboody: Roomie: this is Jpop
Kieyna Fernandez4869
Kieyna Fernandez4869 23 tuntia sitten
Kamila Araya
Kamila Araya 23 tuntia sitten
I'm from Chile and i know all the songs 100% yeeey (but im sad for no see my gods DBSK)
5 star mecheline
5 star mecheline Päivä sitten
I got 99% bc i was confused on one,😹
youareaqueen Päivä sitten
i got 23% kpop yayyyy
Rochuflap Lazarus
Rochuflap Lazarus Päivä sitten
I just found out stay with me existed yesterday coz I watched the drama lol
Twiceries TV
Twiceries TV Päivä sitten
Stay with me is an OST of the kdrama Goblin. It wasn't inspired by something else, just the story thing of the KDrama.
reanaa Päivä sitten
Joel...Kpop's big breakthrough was BTS. While all the other groups sing about new love and lost love BTS sings about loving yourself in a world that tries to tear your down. It's what sets them apart more then anything else and it's what has made them huge across the globe. It's a universal message that young people have been desperate to hear.
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